How to start?

I wonder how do you play this game as a beginner? Everytime i do something else than mining in high sec, my ship gets destroyed. After 1 month of playing i earned about 150mio ISK and lost 120mio ISK.

Don’t stay in the Jita vicinity. If you want to stay in Highsec, get into calmer regions, there’s less gankers and bored grievers.
If you really want to earn ISK, join a corp and get out of highsec.

What do you want to do?

Losing ships is a core part of this game but also so is managing the risks and rewards so you can afford to replace them. But the bigger question is what interests you?

If it is mining, then either join a group outside of highsec who will teach you the ropes and have some territory for you to mine in, or stay in highsec and do it solo. Actually, in general joining a group is the easiest way to play this game as a beginner. Having allies is a major boost in a game like Eve.

In real life, we spend the first 20 years or so learning the things we need to know to function independently as members of society. We have lots of mentors along the way. Eve isn’t quite that complex but there is a lot to learn and the best way to acquire that knowledge is from other players.

If you’re regularly getting killed in highsec, you’re doing something wrong. Industrial players are prey and you need to learn how to survive, and eventually thrive as prey. Don’t blame the game designers or the hunters - the system is working as intended. Blame your lack of knowledge and find a mentor who can teach you how.

A good place to start is

Good luck!

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this is a mmo.
Join a corp,
if possible a corp who is focused on what you like (mining, pvp, explo, industry…)
In a corp you will get friends, advices, tips, help, aims, objectives, enemies…

Im not blaming anyone, just wondering how to make isk for better equipment.
I’ll llok for a Corp

Well, at least you’re still ISK positive :wink:

Just a couple of questions to get to the bottom of this:

  • Do you like mining?
  • What else did you do (as in what activities that made you lose ships - zkillboard only shows couple of lost Ventures in low-sec)?
  • What would you like to do? (It could be that the ship/fit you are using is not optimal, we can help around here to get you set up with ships/fits that can help)

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