How To Take Revenge On Any Scammer

Got scammed? Want revenge? Follow these 8 easy steps to get it:

  1. Know your Mark. They usually live in Jita or Perimeter.
  2. Sign up for a new Eve character on a throwaway email account.
  3. Skip the tutorial but stay in the rookie system.
  4. Private convo the scammer. You can do this from anywhere, including rookie systems.
  5. Get scammed.
  6. File a petition with the GMs stating you are new, in the rookie system, and got scammed.
  7. Await your stuff back.
  8. Repeat until the scammer is gone, permanently.

I haven’t tried this myself but doesn’t seem to be against the EULA/TOS.


How long until CCP amends this rule with

  • only applies to getting scammed from a char in the Rookie System
  • only applies if convo/attempt originated from the scammer and not the scammed


But an interesting new way to weaponize CCP rules against players.

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ccp can tell if you are new.

The level of salt is so delicious.

Please, do continue.

Whatever is going on in your mind is a hallucination. Seek help!

I came up with this idea inspired from another post, and felt the need to share this theorycrafting.

Clearly, yes. This was the motivation. There is no subtext to this plain statement of game mechanics. None at all. How very naive of me to assume otherwise!

Also: yum yum. More, please!

Pretending false facts in a ticket is in no way advisable or supported here.

The rules only concern real rookies, which are not to be scammed in the corresponding systems. Abuse of the support functions in this area may also have consequences for the “reporting” account in question.