How would Capsuleers react to contemporary Earth?

Imagine for a moment some podscum piloting a cloaky Astero found their way through a wormhole and into our solar system tomorrow.

How would you expect events to unfold? For the residents of Earth? For New Eden? What would you do, if you were the Capsuleer?

I think that we would be a great planet to put down some PI on but otherwise not worth getting too involved with. We’re still having trouble developing a unified planetary government,

An Astero could absolutely pummel urban centers, a light missile is what 13 meters long? If fitted with launchers then an Astero can carry more than enough of a nuclear payload to cripple capital cities.

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Mine Oil and manufacture Plastic .

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He would die of laughter several times over.

Orbital Bombardment!

It seems like you all are genocidal maniacs. tisk tisk. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the only way to be sure!

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Mine is practically a surgical strike compared to everyone else’s method which seems to be “kill em all and let god sort em out”

Yeah, you did seem to have a particular target in mind.

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Remember that time a leviathan crashed on to a planets surface?

Kinda like that

A titan could become a new moon that shifts the tides.

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