How would you plex an account with only 1hr of gameplay per day?

Edit: Just wanted to also say, I know the usual advice is “do what you love the most”, but what I love the most is making ISK, and lots of it. But the best isk/hr I’ve found so far is 45m/hr. (while actually counting, I’m sure some of the ops I did with my previous corp made more, but marginally)

Title. I’m not sure if this is actually possible. But it’s something I’m curious about. The catch is it has to be something that a day 1 player can do (setting aside knowledge requirements of course…). But you can make as many toons as you want. As long as you think you won’t go over ~30 hours per month.

I’m trying to increase the amount of ISK I am making per month, as paying to plex all of my accounts would be ridiculously expensive. Trading is too spotty right now with not enough consistent historical data for me to determine how much I make per day. I’ve heard PI can be good, but I’m not too experienced. I’ve also heard that researching can sell well as well.


Browsing the forums while I wait to see if my route with 33 waypoints will ever optimize itself (yes, I read the warning message. I like to gamble)

Could possibly plex by running missions and bring paid by USIA. the more efficient and fast snd complete blitz missions, one hr perday you could close plex your account

You go to YouTube, and you watch OZ_eve’s ‘Zero to PLEX’ series of videos on the EVE market.


That’s how I got my 6 trading accounts started lol

Work an hour at literally any job on the planet and buy PLEX.


Post scam legit trade contracts in Jita local.


You can also beg if that’s your thing. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It will be a long road. Plex is currently 5.2 M in most places. You need a minimum of 500 for just one month. To save up 2.6 B ISK in one month over a period of 30 hours is roughly 87 million ISK per day.

Mining gas will not cut it for an alpha, it takes a lot of time just to find gas and almost an hour to gather it. Otherwise I would recommend low sec gas mining in a venture. With little to no effort, over 4 hours I can get 80 to 90 M ISK. Ventures are a disposable ship, as long as you are not losing them before you mine the gas. You would need 120 hour per month and this doesn’t fit into your time frame. Also please note, I don’t recommend WH gas as the sites are too well guarded by NPCs, you need a good warship to clear them, and this also cuts into your time.

I have seen day traders on YouTube, while I haven’t viewed the OZ video mentioned above, most videos seem to be dated. In other words, you can’t depend on things to remain the same in the market as they are in the video. For example; I watched one on making money trading, it was talking about a sale on some very pricey items dropping in value due to the in game sale. It doesn’t really work unless there is another sale. I haven’t done a lot of market trades to make ISK, I am no expert, and my only advice on markets is, you may get stuck with a bunch of items not selling for more than a month.

In the end; this video covers it the best.

Whatever you decide, you do you, and fly safe. o7

The best way to plex an account with only 1 hour of gameplay per day, is to stop playing and work in real life for an hour a day.

Then you could be able to afford all the plex you want to plex your account with real money.


You don’t.

Remember, you’re doing this for fun. The amount of effort, knowledge of game mechanics, and starting isk necessary to do that makes EvE into a part time job with no real world payout. I’ve tried it, and burned out quickly. Now, I don’t even try to PLEX, even though I live a life where I could easily play EvE 40 hours a week. One shift of day labor a month funds my EvE addiction, two keeps me rolling in ISK, so why waste game time working?

I isk double in JIta. 15 minutes will plex me for a few months.

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I prefer ways that don’t involve preying on the stupidity of others…

Oh, wait, I do bad solo PvP. Stupidity defines that most of the time. :innocent:

On both sides of the fight.

Running those Ponzi games again Aiko?

I never stopped.

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Roleplay is not stupid

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You have to be a greedy idiot of the highest order to believe 90% of EvE scams. No lumps or ridges, just smooth brain all the way around. :rofl:

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The simplest pilot would probably already understand that without being scammed there would not be a single scam in the first place.

Because being scammed is by choice, the same as the undocking of items that can easily be replaced.