HS moon mining thieves

(Stylush Interior) #202

or a moron…take your pick!!

(Trololol Sisjan) #203

never had moon drill, but it is something like

  • you can explode moon chunk on very specific time
  • or after several days it explodes itself


so… do explosion when you can harvest results…

(Trololol Sisjan) #204

you wont be able to kill orca in hi-sec, but probably you can kill expensive mining drones with cheap gunk fit, right?

(Anderson Geten) #205

after several hours

(Barlo) #206

This was very interesting. Very long, but interesting to read.
While waiting for moon chucks, the thief must be the same guy that I watch devoure entire belts in the system I used to live in, so I moved to a whole new neighborhood.

The OP said he will not be checking back on this thread…but if you do… “When you leave, can I have your moon ? LOL “

(Lugburz) #208

ccp could have done something, they didnt.

get used to it.

(marie blueprint) #209

ccp hates miners almost as much as they hate mission runners if you cant mine every oz before they other guys do you need more miners and some people who will bump them with bc that have mwd. if you get 3 guys working with mwd bc you can bump him and never let him warp out. dont pull up more than you cn mine