HS moon mining thieves

(Anderson Geten) #182

Small shield booster, large shield booster, drone navigation enhancer, those guys are noobs. Especially the one killed by a machariel, he was baited and when you don’t know the bait you die, whatever is your ship.

(Dom Arkaral) #183

Yeah nah
If you’re good enough, you can get out of bait situations…

(Abyrr Lemmont) #184

So I wanted to drop back and say bumping wasn’t effective. Kinda fun to bump the big dudes some ways away. Quite possible that it was more effective than I give credit for. But yeah can’t say it was lights out. Ganking the drones resulted in a killright so that winds up not being effective. I don’t wanna be out in the mackinaw with an open killright.

So I’m thinking a MERC hit on the orcas is honestly the best answer to this. Or move to low sec. or mine it all out the minute we spawn the chunk.

In all reality yes continuing to recruit and just build a mass of miners to mine out the moons is the most effective path.

Thanks all! I’m not going to be coming back to check on this one!

(Maekchu) #185

If you take the ganking route, you should have a ganking alt that does the actual ganking. This way your main character does not end up with the killrights.

But yes, generally your idea of recruiting and just out mining them is correct.

(Jumeau Poupet) #186

We have a policy that is anyone from a corp ganks ot kills one of our members, we make a mission out of scanning their corp moons and sharing it with miners far and wide once we get the schedule down. Usually people from our systems get to know us once we are settled in and put us to blue. We even do favors on occasion to build good will. Once that is broken, we will make it our personal hobby to not only scan and share but monitor schedules of when moons come harvestable and share the info. We consider it our own form of amusement and pvp, though we are mainly trade and scanning folks.

(Hellenic Mythos) #187

Your welcome

(CaseyLP) #188

Man I just read through and liked every single post in this thread and somehow I feel like I know these people more than I know my own family.

(Sebat Hadah) #189

Hire gankers and have his ass killed. And then mine his flipping salty tears.

(Anderson Geten) #190

you can’t hire anyone without money. And you can’t make money if you can’t harvest.

(Sebat Hadah) #191

Maybe they already have money? There are other ways of making money.

(Anderson Geten) #192

and maybe they don’t ?

(Sebat Hadah) #193

Maybe they do.

(Sebat Hadah) #194

Hire gankers

(Anderson Geten) #195

what if they can’t afford ?

(Agondray) #196

beats the hell out of me, people love making eve a single player game so much even some pvpers multibox.

only fleet content i can find thats not pvp centered is incursions and even than theres still people atleast multiboxing vanguards.

Every one i try and run a fleet with is down to “i want all the lootz” and “muh isk”

(Anderson Geten) #197

for me is more like “no want to travel/wait/setup 2h to play 1h”

(Agondray) #198

Yeah theres that too, because no one wants to center to an area and everyone do their own thing.

theres always people that will yell for help and its like “well im 30 jumps away from you, after i go 20 jumps for my combat ship”

(Anderson Geten) #199

well the issue is that warp times are too expensive. you go from 33 s to warp a 30AU system to 29 by going from 6 AU/s to 12. and 27s with 24 AU/s !(minimum system time is 26s because 10s to take gate, 2s align, and then 14s to decelerate warp)

(Agondray) #200

other games can be just has bad and they dont even have autopilot.

(Anderson Geten) #201

Yeah, other games can be just as bad, does not mean “bad” is “good”.
“I have 2h to play but I first need to move my ship for 1H first”