HS moon mining thieves

(Anderson Geten) #162

Why not ?

People request some kind of protection for their ore. They pay the fuel, they risk the wardec, they require those costs provide them more advantages over the people who pay nothing but their orca and come sit in the belt they paid for with 5 orcas.

(Maekchu) #163

Because CCP has already said that it is not “your” ore, since you cannot own the asteroids.

CCP has already made a stance on this issue, so it’s hard to do any further discussion. At least when based on the premise, the ability to own (through game mechanics) asteroids.

One cannot enforce mining limitations to specific players, if the asteroid itself is free for all.

Should highsec, in general, be more dangerous for miners? Well, that is a completely different topic, but I don’t think this is what highsec miners actually want.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #164

A pair of good old Stabbers fitted for bumping, with the possibility of scooping a couple of lost augmented mining drones, could do the trick.

(Anderson Geten) #165

so never again talk about YOUR parents because you don’t own them.
Nor YOUR country, YOUR opinion.

So don’t discuss, we don’t force you. Especially since you don’t want to make the effort to understand other people (see above)

And that’s the essence of some requests here. Nice only took you 160 posts to understand that. We got a genius here !

Definitely, you are 100% out of topic. People ask for their investment to be more rewarding.

(Maekchu) #166

Please enlighten me then, how you are supposed to get better rewards on your investment, if you cannot own the asteroids through game mechanics? You want to fight off miners that are not part of your corporation, but doing that without any mechanics that distribute ownership on an asteroid would require adding some general mechanic to fight off highsec miners with no concord intervention, i.e. making highsec mining less secure in general.

My point is, that a hypothetical discussion, that depends on CCPs stance does not really amount to anything. If you really want to discuss this issue, then you need to make it without the premise, that one can own an asteroid.

In the end, I know you don’t really want a constructive discussion. You just want to vent your frustration that you can’t get your cake and eat it too.

(Anderson Geten) #167

That’s the discussion here. So while you prefer being obsessed about “IT’S NOT YOUR ORE”, you are just being completely out of topic.

Which nobody did. Only you are too dense to understand what YOUR means here.
Again, following your idea you should never talk about YOUR parents because you don’t own them. Good thing, I don’t care about your opinion on that particular thing, so I can keep talking with MY parents even if I don’t own them.
What about you follow your own absurd opinion and you shut up ? Because so far you just missed the point.

Dogs bark, but the caravan goes on.

(Maekchu) #168

And this is why I know you don’t want a constructive discussion, but just want CCP to implement whatever feature you deem appropriate.

CCP has made a statement that asteroids cannot be owned. You are unable to discuss from that point of view. You want me to agree with a hypothetical that relies on CCP to change their stance on the game mechanics. A change we don’t know if ever will happen. You don’t want a discussion, you want an echo chamber.

I was up for discussing moon mining rewards, but I prefer keeping the discussion within realistic bounds. Meaning, discussing the rewards within the boundaries CCP has already stated. Especially since my own opinion is that those boundaries are not unfair. But again, you don’t really want a real discussion to find a solution. You want CCP to implement whatever solution you yourself conjure up. You have no interest in an objective debat.

I suppose it’s time to give you the Balos treatment. It’s the second time you just come swinging on from the left, with no real substance and being rather toxic. I honestly don’t see the point. It would just be a waste of time for us both to continue interacting with each other.

(Anderson Geten) #169

Where, exactly ? I just stated that you are completely out of the point by focusing on ownership of roids. And now you affirm “you want this”. You are wrong.

People made other proposal, like going suspect if you are not on the structure’s ACL. I did not make a single proposal about modification of the game mechanisms. Those things I want are in your head.

No you are not. You keep claiming that what already is must not be changed. This is not a discussion.

(Dom Arkaral) #170

@Maekchu just ignore Anderson

You’ll be happy you did at the end of today :wink:

(Quor Dresden) #171

Getting hot in here!

I have said before I like the way the current system works because it fits with Eve, always got to be risk, even in highsec.

As far as potential future changes that would maybe add some more risk for these so called thieves. It’s possible the wardecing system could be adjusted again, but that may be a while as a new change was just done, and I’m sure CCP would like more data on it before making any changes soon.

Another possible change is a Nerf to solo orca mining. Force people to use barges more and that would make for easier ganking targets.

Hard to guess or force any chance, so for now it’s working as intended. Lol

(Lana Rotanique) #172

Quor what’s the risk to the afk orcas? There’s none. Literally what OP was asking how to deal with. If you say bumping ill politely show myself out because that’s just not the same and there’s literally no risk to an afk orca mining a moon belt that they did not put forth any effort or risk to create. Someone else bears the cost to fuel, the risk of war dec, and the investment in the structure.

(Quor Dresden) #173

Don’t forget they also assume the risk of the ore being mined before they can get to it. Maybe with all that risk they should be better at setting up havester cycle so they can mine it right away.

(Lana Rotanique) #174

Got it. Can’t come up with a good response to the risk of the orca pilot. Just want to regurgitate athanor mechanics. So tell me can the Corp holding the athanor only be war decced when a moon chunk is active? Or consumes fuel when?

(Leah Crowleymass) #175

Legitimate question (I don’t know the answer): will attacking a ship’s drones (not the ship itself) get you a Suspect or a Criminal timer? I know it’s one or the other, just not sure which.

I can’t seem to find that in any of the Crimewatch articles.

(Lana Rotanique) #176

Yeah so if you shoot a drone that’s the same as shooting the ship. Concord comes and blaps you. Plus they get a killright against you. Suicide ganking drones is just a desperate move. Unless they’re using harvesters at 500m each lol

(Leah Crowleymass) #177

Thanks, man. I didn’t know, that’s why I asked. Taking out the drones would certainly shut down the mining and be easier than taking out the Orca.

(Lana Rotanique) #178

Yeah it’s not really effective.

I still am curious as to what is the risk to the orca pilot. This thread has me thinking of investing in a couple and parking it on someone’s moon belt and harvesting tears while I’m there lol

(Quor Dresden) #179

Go for it. I really think this topic is been done to death by now. CCPs stance on it has been posted at least twice. Nothing new from them with changes.

I think all the possible ideas for trying to detur orcas or other mining ships have been laid out a few times.

Clearly everyone has a different opinion on the risk reward balance of harvesting moons in highsec.

Go forth, fly safe!

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #180

Have you ever tried mining in an orca while bumped?

(Sade Musana) #181

Not sure why you think Orca’s are risk free. Most have more investment put into them than an Athanor without the benefit of reinforcement timers.