HS moon mining thieves

(Sade Musana) #142

With all the focus CCP have put on player retention recently, if you think making players suspect to the whole population of EVE for mining a rock is a workable solution, you are bat crazy.

CCP already have the solution in place for you, move to low sec or null sec.

(Quor Dresden) #143

I understand the desire for a " fix " for this. At this point it seems like most complaints/ concerns that hit these forums, I like doing this… so fix it the way I want CCP… Miners of course want more safety and ease when mining, pvpers want more options to blast other players with less risk. So on and on and on…

I like Pve and I spend time mining at times and I think the current state of moon mining is just fine. I think all the options your going to have to deal with this have already been laid out in this thread.

(Chadlay Nadroid) #144

Been year’s since I have posted here.

Would it be viable to have the detonation / chunk time spawn an Anomaly only available to the corporation who owns the structure?

Have this anomaly not on the overview or accessible based on an access list by other player for x amount of time (30m/1hour) to allow the corporation who did the footwork to get first dibs, then after the elapsed time the anomaly becomes available to all?

Prevents people coming into the grid mining all the stuff up before you can get your corp out on the field, or allows you time to rally some miners together to co-operate by bookmark sharing it to keep the multi boxers off the free lunch?

(Aristotelina Omaristos) #145

Until the end of Eve online, we’ll all have to be doing that. What’s up with this underlying desire to make Eve a single player game?

(Aristotelina Omaristos) #146

Why would you make me put a combat probe launcher on my orca?

(Chadlay Nadroid) #147

I laughed so loud my dog came rampaging into my room like he was going to defend me from an intruder.

I mean but not being seen by anyone, it becomes an anomaly only accessible to the corp who owned the structure extracting or an access list that corp sets until that timer runs out. You can have it be like this…

  1. Extraction pops
  2. Stargate onlines nearby only accessible by the corp who owns it for 30 minutes after pop and spawns you in an anomaly that is not able to be scanned
  3. You get your corp/access list people who you charge or based on alliance standings into the anomaly
  4. Fat Orca Fleet waits on stargate for 30 minutes frothing from the mouth until timer finishes

It is the least painful option to prevent moon thievery but also, I don’t like telling anyone how to play Eve in general and believe its the wild west :slight_smile:

(Aristotelina Omaristos) #148

Ah. You want to go afk in high sec in a mining ship and be all safe and snuggly at your private unsupervised corp party. I understand. Not gonna happen though. :confused:

(Chadlay Nadroid) #149

Nope, I want the reaction to be “We have 30 minutes to mine this up before the big fish come”

Prevents you from afk mining and creates a more active response / style of mining. Actually the opposite of your implication. Any activity in the game that is performed actively with input should be rewarded.

p.s. I would rather roam around popping afk ratting or excavators than afk mine.

(Aristotelina Omaristos) #150

A very commendable sentiment. Also say hi to the dog.

(Quor Dresden) #151

Has to belong to someone to be thievery. CCP has already stated that no one can own a moon or the chunk pulled off it. Simple, done, move on.

(Solonius Rex) #152

Only if:

A). Battleships or carriers spawn 1 minute after someone enters and destroys your ship unless you bring a huge support fleet

B). After the time limit, anyone can enter and kill you, without Concord interference.

C). There is a timer and an exit gate. If you dont get out by the times expiry, all your ships inside, die.

I’d support this idea if these were implemented.

(Qia Kare) #153

I think this argument is a real non-starter, and I wish that people would stop using this ‘CCP said…’ argument without understanding what CCP actually did say.

The quote both uses the word ‘explicitly’ and puts the word ‘owned’ in quotes, and is a direct response to asking if there are any game mechanics to enforce ownership. All it says is that ‘there are no game mechanics that enforce your claim on any asteroids in space, including the ones generated by the refineries we are about to implement’.

It does not say they aren’t yours. It doesn’t say they are yours, either. It says that it is up to players to enforce or encroach on a claim, and nothing more. CCP is neither defending the right to mooch nor condemning moochers for mooching.

What you are really saying is that ‘if someone can steal it, it’s not yours’, and while that is more truth than fiction, let’s not make the claim that CCP authorized that explicitly, or denied the implied claim of a refinery owner to the ore they invested infrastructure and fuel into bringing into existence.

(Lana Rotanique) #154

One thing about that dev blog that people wanna use as gospel. It’s a year old now and was written well before any of the high sec war dec changes. So one of the “deterrent” that is referenced is off the table.

I think the OPs original complaint was how to deal with 6 afk orcas and there’s a creative post in another thread that suggests to scale the orcas tank to the point a single orca is actually gankable in 0.5.

(Qia Kare) #155

Any ship that can be left unattended for hours in space in relative safety, even in the presence of a hostile force, I think is safe to say is over powered.

I don’t think my opinion matters, but for what it is worth, I would agree the Orca needs to be taken down a peg or two.

(Quor Dresden) #156

It also says " never " before explicitly, and owned in that post.

Only reason I have made any sort of presence in this thread is… I think the threat of someone mining the ore before the owner of the harvester gets to it just fits Eve perfectly. And it may actually lead to people working together instead of a bunch of individuals mining moons with 10+ accounts.

(Qia Kare) #157

“Asteroids are never” is a statement that concerns the present. It’s not a forward thinking statement like “will never” or “should never” that would address the future.

I’m not here to be a meanie to anyone, and definitely I am not trying to be mean to you. If it matters to you, I agree with encouraging people to work together over multiboxing. All I want to get across is that CCP has not weighed in with an opinion or official stance on the future, but only answered a question asked about the mechanics of refineries that was asked by someone curious about those mechanics prior to their implementation.

If you want to put forth the idea that ore should not be explicitly owned because it promotes cooperation between real people, I am all for letting people explore that idea, or discuss how to best attain it, but at the end of the day, this opinion is that of the players (or some of them), and the developers have not shared their own opinions with us as yet for us to know how they feel about where the future should take us in this regard.

I am glad you share your feelings with others on the forum. I disagree with what you said above, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in what you have to say. You may disagree with my interpretation. That’s fine. As long as you considered it for a moment, that’s all I can really ask of you.

(Sade Musana) #158

It’s the same argument going on here, people claiming refineries are something CCP clearly state they are not. Refineries have ‘tools’, much like Orca’s with mining boosts, they are not claims.

Just like Orca boosts, you decide who gets the boosts, with Refineries, you get to decide when the ore spawns.

If you want to play claims in space, I’d suggest moving out of Hi Sec.

(Qia Kare) #159

I hate to go full nuclear here, but CODE. proves that a claim in High Security space can be effective. How effective a refinery owner’s claim is depends on their tools, resources, and willingness to act, but claims exist irrespective of the mechanics involved.

I did not make any argument to change anything from how things currently stand. I made the argument that “But CCP said…” is not an argument. Not only is it the ‘appeal to authority’ logical fallacy, it’s not even something that was said in the first place. The post is a response to a person asking about mechanics. If CCP Fozzie had given any other answer, he would be objectively and provably wrong. He did not respond to any questions asking about whether that would change in a future iteration.

(Maekchu) #160

Not sure if people are deliberately being obtuse in here…

Refineries do not support ownership of moons through the game mechanics. CCP Fozzie has acknowledged that this is working as intended. So why are we still discussing ownership of moons? Again, CCP have acknowledged that the game mechanics does not support this and this is how it is supposed to be like.

Seems like some people have some wishful thinking going on. So to them, it is not a question of “if” the mechanics are changed but “when”.

(Sade Musana) #161

People can roleplay claims all they like, but game mechanics are a different beast.