HS moon mining thieves

(Leah Crowleymass) #122

And thank you as well- I always appreciate the (all too rare) moments on the forums where people can express differing view points in a constructive and open way. I understand your perspective, and I appreciate you listening to mine.


(Abyrr Lemmont) #123

the IRO ceo is German I believe. Very nice lady. I started playing this game on 10/23/18. I do not have any interest in any other Corp besides my own. I shouldn’t have to defend that. The fact that the game auto populates a name upon request is also not up for debate nor is it of any other consequence. Further, I left IRO before any war dec with anyone because you cannot move structures under war dec.

Please keep this thread on topic :wink:

(Sade Musana) #124

Let’s just keep the ‘New Bro’ sad stories out of it then, when we all know it’s not the case.

(Abyrr Lemmont) #125

New bro yes.

Sad story no

You’re the only one who wants to discredit my points using personal attacks and misdirection.

I see who you are

(Sade Musana) #126

I haven’t personally attacked you, though I do see you deleted the post about you calling me an a**hole.

Liar and a hypocrite.

(Quor Dresden) #127

That’s the problem many of us have been pointing out to you, it is NOT YOUR ore. You can spend billions of isk on stations, fuel, and miners and the none of the ore anywhere in Eve will ever be yours. Besides that witch your already have in your hold. Still that can be taken from you before you sell it if another player sees fit to gank you.

(Abyrr Lemmont) #128

agree to disagree Quor.

For the reasons I’ve already articulated

Don’t have a problem if I’m ganked and the hold is stolen. It’s a PvP game and I’m fair game in my trusty procurer. I’ll get a kill right… concord gets a kill… there’s a risk/reward calculus that goes into a gank.

It breaks down on the athanor spawning an asteroid field.

(Aristotelina Omaristos) #129

But why not just bump them? Bumping can be very effective, as is made very clear here: http://www.minerbumping.com/2017/08/code-ready-gelhan-part-10.html?m=1

You don’t even need a 500 million machariel to do the job. A 500 mn stabber costs around 30 mil and can make an orca go almost 2k/s. If you dedicate one or two pilots to bumping while the rest of your guys mine (after purchasing permits), you can show the bad moon thieves who the boss is.

OMG look! A possible solution that does not cry to our Icelandic overlords to solve our problems for us. Revolutionary.

(Maldiro Selkurk) #130

I think this issue needs some change from CCP. Stealing gives you a suspect flag in highsec and this guy is stealing someone elses stuff but no suspect flag will be forthcoming under the current rules.

Some have basically said that, ‘you need to protect your assets yourself through force’, the problem here is that, the word REASONABLE should be applied to both sides of the equation (at least in this scenario) and under current rules the defender is shouldering a huge burden of effort, while the aggressor is shouldering virtually none.

This is similar to the ceptor menacing of alliances when entosing was first introduced. There was no reasonable counter to this and CCP changed it. I believe that CCP will change this mechanic as well as more of this behavior begins to run unchecked across highsec space.

(JohnCee Calhoooon) #131

I don’t think that the current mechanics should be changed. If station owners could control who could or couldn’t mine moon fields, then I believe small corps wouldn’t have a chance to keep a decent high sec moon. I think if that happens then if the little guys want to mine they would have to pay Mittens or Gobbins or some other large nullsec entity. Several of those groups have the manpower and resources to hold multiple systems of moons. Rental space is a thing in null. If you could control mining rights then high sec would be just another passive income for the null blobs. No thanks… Get some guys together and go gank a couple of those orcas.

(Agondray) #132

fleets of less than 20 easily kill the orcas esp if they are untanked. its a matter of getting people to want to do the job

(Dom Arkaral) #133

Or having enough accounts :wink:

(Abyrr Lemmont) #134

See this is easily one of the first meaningfuly constructive arguments that I’ve seen. I agree completely - keep the Nullsec out of the high sec mining game. It would be entertaining to see the fights happen in lowsec, personally. I could foresee some high sec groups wanting to expand to get higher quality moongoo, perform reactions, etc.

Basically guys since I first asked the question there’s been quite a few good responses that center on:

1- bump them off
2-suicide gank them (or pay a merc to do it)
3-mine it all first

And I agree with all of that. And until now, I didn’t foresee that should these fields become owned by a null entity it would lock a small Corp out of them for ransom. Which is definitely a much much worse off situation.

I’m already working on recruiting and am joining a strong alliance in the region. I have bumper ships and fits now too, thank you. And have some cheap catalysts to suicide gank some drones if it comes to that.

Come join the fun if you’re so inclined!

(Maldiro Selkurk) #135

Thanks for your responses and i respect and understand your reasoning.

I still believe the change requested is the better option of the two.

(Maldiro Selkurk) #136

Your analogy is a poor one. In lowsec, wh and nullsec you can and most likely would attack a fleet of orcas as there are no police coming to punish you for doing so.

I could only laugh at a fleet of orcas trying to mine in Delve or for that matter even making to Delve in one piece. The goons would definitely hot drop those orcas with titans and lose no titans to any police force in doing so, this is where your analogy fails.

(Sugar Smacks) #137

So you want to be able to access list people to mine your ore field while making it so if they aren’t on your “list” they get flagged suspect for mining. Meanwhile being on your magic list makes it so they cant be wardecced for the mining activity but can still mine the ore.

This is called having your cake and eating it too.

This will never happen in EvE. Feel free to complain endlessly after a few years you will realize you are talking to a wall.

(Sugar Smacks) #138

I completely understand your problem.

The bigger problem is you expect some kind of “safety” in High sec. Or some kind of assurance that because you paid for the ore you will get to mine it all. That is not EvE.

Instead of being grateful you can mine at all without constant war dec spam without having to sit in a 15% tax npc corp, instead you come to complain the safety isn’t good enough and you want more.

Its unfortunate so many decide this path because you prove your opponents point that there will NEVER be a line to appease you and its best to stop all attempts to even try because you are going to never ending complain anyways.

(MrTrench ARCA) #139

I am having the same problem. CCP Needs to make stealing moon chunks suspect unless they have an office in our anathors and a tax rate is set. thats the only to fix this completely broken system right now.
Until then, we just gotta keep working together.

(MrTrench ARCA) #140

I have tryed negoatiations with them myself with little sucess. Ganking means I loose more isk then the thieves

(Bridget Sonbaty) #141

I didn’t read it all but the selution is make a pleyer suspect if he mines other moons. …