HS moon mining thieves

(Sade Musana) #21

No tax for mining - mine ore > trade to alt in player corp > zero difference.
Large scale multi-boxers have been beating the system for years because of alts, it has always been the small guys that suffer.

(Yozo Ellec0n) #22

Instead of outright banning wardec against people with no structures, they should have just made it more tedious. I.E. You have to find a pilot in space and send requests for war to CONCORD multiple times over a week, to prove you have grievances with the Corp in question. Still wouldn’t stop the “lol NPC corp” maneuver though.

Get some Taloses and gank that azz OP.

(Quor Dresden) #23

Interesting. Well the moon was never yours to begin with, and not sure braking a chunk off makes it yours either. If it was intended to belong to the Corp that broke the chunk off then anyone that tries to mine it would get a criminal flag. It is rude in a way though.
Definitely sounds like bumping would be a good first step. Good luck.

(Sugar Smacks) #24

Your opponent is amazing, he knows your operation better than you do, and hes not paying anything for it.

Now that’s a corporation worth joining.

(Abyrr Lemmont) #25

Yup gonna be bumping them off the field and stealing the drones. Seems to be the consensus approach to take.


(Abyrr Lemmont) #26

No he’s just got equipment in a system with quite a bit of development and local mining ops. Takes no effort to scout the pulls to see when one is close.

Next trick is going to be cancelling and restarting the extractions to random lengths so he can’t get on a pattern and won’t know when it will come next.


(Dom Arkaral) #27

Blame the anti-dec plebs lmao

(Anderson Geten) #28

How is this even remotely related to anti dec people ? They did not make NPC corp un deccable.

just put the module off. You are losing money by letting your structure consume fuel.
in a month try it again. if he comes, just wait two month. When he’ll get tired of not getting anything from his activity, he’ll do something else.

(Sugar Smacks) #29

Bumping people to steal tech 2 drones aren’t really going to stop anyone, have you seen the price of those drones lately?

If they are stupid enough to not use tech 2 drones, just call code, problem solved, they will just suicide gank the drones for you over and over.

(Abyrr Lemmont) #30

I get that but I’d prefer to not be held hostage and also be locked out of mining my moons.

This feels like the worst possible solution imo.

I’d rather de anchor them and move them than watch them sit low power and idle.

(Abyrr Lemmont) #31

I get that - was just spitballing. Would rather do anything besides sit and watch helplessly.

(Buoytender Bob) #32

While you are pricing out mercs, you might ask how much they would charge for simply coming in system and practice their bumping techniques extensively while you offer them a stipend. Offers the newer merc members a target rich environment for pay, may be less expensive than a gank contract. I agree that it probably is going to take a variety of techniques to effectively discourage the leach.

(Anderson Geten) #33

Wherever you move, it will be the same.

People are sticking to you because you are feeding them. Stop the feeding and leeches will go away. Keep feeding and they get closer. Keep whining and you will lose the will to play the game. Adapt or perish, look at your possibilities and make the choices which suits you the most.

(Arthur Aihaken) #34

Don’t feed the fish…

(Arkwright) #35

No Offense, But they aint YOUR moons. Even in NULL SEC Moons or Space aint owned by any person, corp or alliance. Why are you and your corp so special that you should own your own HI Sec moon?

As other people have said, if you cant get a big enough fleet together to mine it out as fast as humanly possible before others can get anywhere near it, then tough.

(Anderson Geten) #36

Do you own your mom ?
Most people don’t, yet they still easily can understand who we refer to when we ask how nice is their mom.

(Quor Dresden) #37

Terrible attempt at a point, sorry. I understand what you were trying to do, but makes no relevant sense. I agree that no one owns the moons regardless of the stations around it. Even if your Corp has the most dominate fleet in all Eve and guard a moon 24/7 it still does not belong to them. I’m sure no one else will mine it, but still not owned.

(Abyrr Lemmont) #38

Will your attitude on this change when they make it so that mining a high sec moon field without permission a suspect offense? Like requiring to be on an access list or they have to flip safety to yellow and open themselves to attack?

(Quor Dresden) #39

Well of course. I said previously in this thread if they meant for corps to " own " the chunk of moon they break off then others trying to mine it should get flagged criminal. As it stands now it’s open season on mining them.

Maybe a solution that could work for both parties would be to have it respawn a time or two before the next chunk comes off. What is the cycle time on these moon harvesters? Did a quick Google on it looks like the minimum cycle time is 6 days. If that’s correct then it’s easy, just have a small bit respawn every day if it’s been mined. Once a new chunk comes off it either adds to the existing or overrides it. That way the owner of the havester don’t get totally left out.

(Solecist Project) #40

miners killing miners. :smiley: