Huge and Giant Standard Containers

There should be Huge and Giant versions of Standard Containers. At the moment, they only exist for Secure Containers. This’ll provide a cheaper alternative to using the Huge or Giant Secure Containers for regular freight, where the Large Standard Container had become impractical or too cumbersome; i.e., having 12 Giant Standard Containers (3,000 m^3 volume each) instead of having 56 Large Standard containers (650 m^3 volume each) in my bulk transport Mammoth with a capacity of 36,826.1 m^3.

At the moment, Giant Secure Containers do the same thing but their password functionality is unnecessary and adds to the price as a result of Secure Containers requiring more expensive material (Zydrine vs Pyerite) and more Tritanium (2x the amount compared to Standard). Adding these Standard Containers will add a cheaper option without any of the superfluous functionality (for freight) of a Secure Container.

What balance would this add to the game besides “you want this for convenience”. It seems like this fairly obvious oversight was purposeful. Maybe people with these organizational structures simply are supposed to pay more for that luxury?

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It is just for convenience. There’s no new balance that would come from this.

Why not use freight containers

Freighter Containers, and Station Containers, don’t carry more than they take up in volume. Audit Log Secure, Secure, and Standard Cargo Containers do carry more than they take up in volume.

The point of the secure containers with the password is where they are anchorable in space.

Yeah. That’s why I’m asking for a Standard version of them since the password-locked properties of Secure Containers are useless in this context and just add to the price.

This really seem like a first world problem to be honest. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fair enough… I really only see those big containers as an organizational tool, and it might slightly debalance large haulers if the plus-volumed ones were implemented.

The plus-volumed ones are already in-game in the form of the Secure Containers. All I’m suggesting is a bit of a cheaper alternative to that which lacks the gimmick of being anchorable in space with a password. Huge and Giant versions could also be added for the Audit Log Secure Containers too.

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