Unlimited cargo in any ship bug

It seems small standard containers provide 120 m3, but only take up 100m3. So you gain 20 m3 each time you apply one to cargo.

I dont think this is working as intended.

Just to confirm your report, I’ve tried this and you’re absolutely correct - I got 409.2 Msq into a Skiff’s 350 Msq cargo-hold this way, excluding the containers themselves (which adds another 30 Msq to the total when repackaged). Your thread-title is somewhat misleading though, as an additional 20% isn’t ‘unlimited’ in any way. Have you submitted a bug report ? - be useful to know if this is a genuine bug or an inadvertent ‘feature’…

Yeah, this isn’t unlimited at all. You can’t place a container within a container, so at best you can gain 20% increase in cargo capacity.

It has also been this way for 15 years and I think fully intended, presumably to give some utility to using containers. Otherwise, what would be the point? Sure, you can anchor some, or use them to organize stuff, but ultimately if they are storage containers, they should provide some benefit to storing stuff.

Sure, it takes liberties with the laws of physics, but I guess you can think of them as better organizing your cargo so you can cram more in.

there is conditions to it, but for trading smaller goods its possible to endlessly stack them,and count potentially do evil things to the server.

Side note, this works with all sizes.

For example a large will provide you a bonus of 9000 m3. Per each jump, so in theory if you can fit one you can have much more space then a freighter.

no it isn’t

120 > 100 (+20) > 120 (+20) etc

You can do this endlessly, unless there is code that stops it.

You can’t put one container inside another.

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there is code that stops it, confirm your bugs before you actually call them bugs

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