Hulkageddon - What happened to it

We have no fun stuff anymore? Omega 7 days, go go go.

Its biggest backer is probably tied up spinning and damage controlling the loss of 10’s of thousands of jump clones. Ask again later after that lol.


youre the one who has no fun because you didnt create your own fun …

You are required to entertain me. Now you know.

What’s stopping you from doing your own?

Did you know that more mining and industry in the game = cheaper everything in the game = more pvp = more fun…

But yeah, keep killing industry and ganking miners. Makes perfect sense.

It died with all those buffs to barges/exhumers and nerfs to ganking.

If someone is able to get hundreds of players willing to gank in highsec, they usually go for freighters instead.

My alliance is still doing Hulkageddon.

We’ve expanded it a bit with Mackinaws and Marauders.

The other alliances are mostly mining.


And padding


Actually, the cheaper things are in game, the less people want to mine and build because its not worth it anymore.

Raised prices means higher profits and more miners and builders.

So Ganking has the effect of increasing miners and industry.


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