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Soooo just wondering if Code and or Safety to scared or cant gank miners anymore ?
I ask as while i was flying around amarr looking for relic and data sites i came across a couple systems with massive mining fleets of hulks and macks, Are they to hard to gank now or what is the go ?

Were you too scared to gank them?

If you were there and they weren’t, why are you asking if they are scared? Surely you were better placed to take care of the issue.

Ultimately though, your question is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of The Code.

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OP, sounds like you forgot to check the validity of their permits.

Posting in stealth “ganking is bad” thread made by a character with no killboard history.


No i think ganking is good for the game. Ships that blow up means that people have to go and purchase a new ship. May not be the ship or items i have on the market that they have to go and buy again but sometimes it is. I am not a ganker and its not my playstyle. Just curious why so many 10 plus man hulk fleets seem to be so much more abundant ?
I have no killboard history means what exactly ? That i dont pvp or i am just super careful ? Maybe i dont even need to undock ?




We agree here.

Maybe because gankers can’t be everywhere at once? Not sure why would you assume they’d be “scared”. Ganking has also been nerfed recently by forcing Alphas to have green safety on in highsec.

On this forum, 90% of the time it means you’re an alt with an agenda. Usually the anti-ganking kind. If this is not the case with you - that’s great, but you’re the exception, not the rule.

If you gotta ask, it means you are a chicken that don’t pvp

Maybe i just dont need to pvp or dont want to, But if you must no its just not my play style. If i was to get ganked or blown up etc while i am moving through the couple of systems i go through then so be it. Its part of the game and imo it helps drive the economy.

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Don’t mean to rain on your parade but even though it is a part of the game and should not be removed, the economy isn’t hurt but is not helped by it either. It is barely a blip on the radar in regards to the game’s economy.
Ganking is cool and all but I wouldn’t ascribe to it benefits that do not belong.

~Fifie keepin it real.

Every ship that dies helps the economy. Whether it be by ganking or wars of doing pve stuff. Ganking may only be a blip on the radar but many blips make a big blip :stuck_out_tongue:

Can close the thread as someone was nice enough to convo me and explain the buffs and nerfs etc that CCP had done to ganking and mining etc.


Indeed. Some ships are also lost on PvE. So that’s three sources of ship loss, of which ganking is only a part, not the sole source.

I agree. Although I find it more exciting to hang out in Low and zip through Null. PvP as a whole is what makes this game worth playing.

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