Humanity needs THIS!

I have often times wondered about a great many things. Wormholes, Faster Than Light Travel, Time Travel, many aspects of a notion or a need that humans have to better understand, rather how to get to where they are going at a faster rate of velocity.

But what about life? There are many barriers that religion has set up to hinder asking questions of the self but instead seeking answers from others who simply spin the answers like the arms of a spiral galaxy. But in order for humanity to emerge from on the other side of the worm hole we have to ask a simple question.

Why Does The Universe Exist?

What logical reason or purpose, purpose being the key word, would a Universe need stars, planets, comets, suns and black holes for?

The only asnwer is; to support life within said Universe.

There is no logical reason for a Universe to exist at all without the presence of life within the Universe. Rocks, minerals and energetic reactions serve no purpose at all if life does not exist in and throughout the Universe. There would be no reason for a Universe to exist because non-biological lifeforms do not need work or a challenge to overcome so that the energy that is created can be consumed in order for the challenge to be completed.

What challenge does the comet overcome by traveling through the Universe?

What challenge does life overcome by traveling through the Universe ?

For planets and suns to exist without life in the Universe being present would not be logical as there is no reason for suns and planets to exist except to support life and create challenges that must be met in order for life to succeed.

Planets, suns, comets and other celestial bodies in the Universe do not need to create challenges in order to succeed.

Therefore the single and only reason that a Universe exists is to support and maintain life in the form of many forms from the simple organism to the highly advanced sentient and space faring species across the Universe

A Universe exists to support life because it was life that created the Universe in the beginning from the Quantum Fibers of the Universe to achieve another jump up the orbital ladder in creating challenges to meet those challenges.

Life created the Universe in order to exist. Life created the Universe in order to challenge itself to be better and become more than a simple particle in space.

The thought of life created the Big Bang because Life needed a challenge. What challenge is there for a Universe devoid of life at all? What challenge is there for a Universe devoid of life to not see what life has created in order to meet the greatest challenge of all. Can we create a Universe in order to survive in as being more than just causilities in a realm that did not see light?

The presence of life in the Universe is no longer a question of if, but where can it be found.

Life created the Universe in order to achieve its single goal of existing.

What goal does a Sun have other than to fuel life?
What goal does the planet have other than to house life?
What goal does life have other than to create a Universe in order to live in?

The presence of other Universes would also exist as well as the infinite pool of life than we came from would also have had the same prospect of creating in order to survive, to achieve and to succeed.

Ask yourself this logically, why would a Universe need to exist if life never existed or even had a chance of existing in the Universe? There is no logical need for a Universe to exist other than to house, nurture and create challenges that life must meet in order to exist.

The Universe didn’t create us.

The thoughts of Life arranged the Big Bang so that humans and other life would be born.

well i have a different question
recently gravitational waves have taught us about the creation of the universe and how and where the big bang happened

well it was 2 black holes colliding in space that created the universe
what the hell how does that makes sense
if they collided in space then it means space already existed before the big bang so the bigh bang wasnt the creation of the universe was it
stupid dumb science


Universe. Why, how, for what?

For you to ask those questions. :joy:

Why do you assume that there has to be a logical reason or purpose at all to the universe? Purpose and logic are human constructs and not something which exists independent of such beings.

You anthropomorphize the universe.

This is not different than what our ancestors did when they marvelled about the phenomenons in nature and when they saw purpose and intent in disease and lightning. It is in fact how the first religions were born.

This thread is less about the universe and more about how humans think and project intent onto everything in order to predict how it behaves, probably an evolutionary trait which served us well while hunting, but is really not so useful when we observe nature.


well we dont really understand how space and time work
especially time
and gravity too is still a mystery

so maybe the big bang was a time paradox
like the explosion caused a huge time based catastophe which ended up creating the universe it already existed in

like in terminator when john connor sends his dad back to the 80s to impregnate his mum so she could give birth to him

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Mostly we need a B Ark to de-Dryson the Earth

The sole purpose of life and the universe is so I can bump and gank you in EVE…

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Time dont work.

There is no time at all, there is always now, and what you think is past or will be future - is now, just differently.
If you take space and time, you will notice that time is measured by change of position in space only. Its like you would take a sheet of paper and there is a pencil. You take pencil and draw a circle, circle is time, but the drawing always vanishes when pencil leaves the spot it was in. Pencil is the arm of a clock, sheet is space, drawing doesnt exist.

Its all geometry. Timeless.

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its an interesting hypothesesis but i am more concerned with the time barrier as we percieve it
meaning we cannot break the speed of light without breaking the time barrier which will inevitably dilate time
but only in our part of space
we can only study time from the small part of space our planet exists in
its entirely feasible that time dynamics can change in different parts of the universe

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Uh… what goal does the sun have? Nothing… it’s a huge mass that ignited due to intense pressure caused by gravitational forces.

There is no “why” or “goal” to the universe. There are some rules (physics/chemistry/etc), but there’s no “reason” as to why the rules work that way. Quit anthropomorphizing stuff.


This right here. Said it better than I did.

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Actually “time” stops for photon. If you want to be as fast as photon, you would have to be photon itself. Gravitational waves have the same speed as photon. Causality works that way. If you take sheet of paper, you can wave it, but for it to be a wave, sheet still have to be sheet, no matter how stretched or compressed. Photon is just like a very fast waving sheet of paper. Waves propagate.

To enable a galactic sandbox PVP environment. Humanity would have biomassed itself if it was PVE only.


so why is photon limited by a time barrier
maybe it isnt limited at all
maybe all we percieve is the time barrier we can calculate by the speed of a photon

oh and another really interesting thing is
in human science we have already broken the pathing of light
we have registered photons reaching a designated target faster than physical laws should allow
its documented in harold whites work
within the mysterious emdrive
which many people are sceptical of but it passed peer review so suck it sceptics

Think about it this way:
You cant experience time, just speed and position, and there is limit to what you can experience, because you experience everything with certain speeds.

Just not everything works with speed of your perception. Of course you can describe certain effects, but its only you that observes it. When you would be a photon, everything would be instantaneously.

BTW I cant describe it easier than just saying that speed is just a positions of something. These positions can be traced by using tool like your brain, there information can be stored giving it impresion of a timeline, when in fact everything happens instantaneously and whole universe happens this way. We just cant literally register it all that way.

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You won me here :smiley:

I know why I exist - to help keep the EVE universe alive.

Sorry. Emdrive has been disproven. So… skeptics win.

sorry you cant disprove a peer reviewed and highly tested idea with a tackily written article
the only way we will truly know is when we take it out of the earths atmosphere and see what it does
now its been peere reviewed were at a point where we can test it in a realistic environment ie outside of the earths atmosphere

the article and the paper referenced are both dumb because neither of them have any real basis other than sceptics trying to disprove something theyre determined to disprove
and spoil all the fun

i dont really care if they wanna spoil the fun
the mystery of the concept is good enough for me
i enjoy the feeling of hope i get for future technology whether it is legit or not