Hunt event = lazy design

IRL, it is much farther.

we can listen my new bossa nova playlist
its awesome

orrr i can tell you all about my huuuuuuuuuge
collection of Pokemon cards

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Which Pokemon is your favorite?

squirtle of course :smiley:


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happy cake day ms @Destiny_Corrupted S3

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During the event I have not seen a single capsule in space and relatively few hunt sites. This makes me think that they will be quite aggressively sort after.

Their was an event over Christmas where the battle ship wrecks dropped nice loot, you had to clear out a number of waves then destroy the battle ship to claim the loot. What happened was players in Marauders would warp in on a site already taken by a player and use their superior firepower to take over the site, being able to deal greater DPS they were able to claim most if not all the wrecks for themselves.

Moral of the story is adapt or die. I’m getting a Marauder not for missions that’s just overkill but for any events like the one last Christmas.

Eve is as much about breaking the ‘perceived’ rules as by playing by them.


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I don’t even do the hunt and have seen quite a few capsules, both on dscan as on the overview.

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I think your overview (and dscan) settings may not be showing capsules then, I’ve made the same mistake.

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All CCP patches after 2016 = lazy design. If you’re still playing this game for the trash PvE content then I would suggest turning off the computer, going to a bar, and talking to someone of the opposite sex for the first time in your life.

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note: this may be more difficult than level 4 missions.


This right here is all that was needed to be said.

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I would say considerably more difficult than level 5 missions.

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It gets a lot easier with regular practice - and there are plenty of online guides available.

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I agree, I stopped doing event sites long ago because of all the stealing and rude behavior by other players, it’s not competitive just a reason for the trashy behavior to be amplified.

Pretty sure the hunt events are INTENDED to be a PvP content driver to a certain degree.

Expecting to PvE with impunity = Entitlement

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I show up in a T1 frigate and take from their wrecks, they instantly warp off and dock and log, or leave the system. Not a single person has shot at me so far. Even when their ship severely outclasses my own.

We’re playing a different game now.


those pirates are so rude :cry: :sob:

You gotta make an alt to hunt you and private convo the bear. Most carebears now-a-days are SO clueless that they actually do not know if they can shoot you or not. I do this with mission runners and it would blow your mind how many folks want to shoot you but do not know that they can.

I’m way too lazy to scan mission runners just to play the “green safety” lottery.

98% of high-sec immune to PvP aside from suicide-ganking. Quite the game experience CCP has constructed in comparison to their original vision.