"Hunter" Abyss Filaments Idea for "chasing" abyss runners in Abyss


After watching the trailer for the invasion a few years ago and they mention “somebody already run this pocket” got me thinking about another player entering an abyssal filament. I love the idea of someone chasing you in the abyss sites, the adrenaline of the runner would be insane, knowing that any second a hunter is on their way towards them.

Basically ADD new filaments called “Hunter” variants (NO Change to current filaments). For example Cataclysmic Exotic “Hunter” Filament, Fierce Electrical “Hunter” filament. They are exactly the same as current abyss sites except:

  • These give increased loot: Perhaps 1.5x or 2x more loot whatever feels balanced. So a T4 “Hunter” Filament will give eg 100% more loot than a standard T4 filament.

  • The big catch: other players can chase you into these sites. Introduce a new filament type called “Predator” Filaments, one for each tier for example Agitated “Predator” Filament, Cataclysmic “Predator” Filament etc etc. When a player activates one of these Predator filaments it transports them into any “Hunter” site of equivalent tier that has completed the first room. When they jump in the abyssal runner hears a loud “BOOM”. The reason I think a hunter should be able to join only after completion of the first room is so that the abyssal runner has time to reposition for the inevitable battle. The “Predator” player can now freely engage the abyss runner and potentially kill the abyss runner.

  • Aggro switch to hunter: when the hunter jumps in npcs will gradually switch aggro to the hunter. This could allow the abyss runner to make strategic choices like keep webbers or neuters alive making it very difficult for the hunter. Or in a karybdis wave making it switch to the appraoching hunter would make them have to speed tank to avoid damage. Whichever way the npcs switch aggro - genreally speaking I feel like the fight ought to be relatively equal with a slight favor towards the abyssal runner so that it doesnt end up that nobody runs the sites.

  • Hunter kills runner: They must finish the abyssal filament by killing the rest of the npcs as per usual to keep the loot they got - want to keep the loot from a T5 ship? You better bring a T5 level ship yourself. The timer keeps ticking even during the fight.

  • Hunter dies: The abyss runner can continue to do the site like normal without the ability of a new hunter to join.

Thoughts, comments, feedback?


  • 4th June: Removed part about NPCs not switching to hunter or that the hunter ignores the timer, instead they have to finish the filament if they want to keep the loot they get from killing the abyssal runner. I was a bit too harsh on the abyssal runner previously :wink:

Why trying to fix instanced content, if the instantiation created the problem? Just remove Abyssals. Also PvP opt-in won’t solve anything.


I am not trying to solve instances in EVE. In my opinion “Instanced” gameplay is perfectly fine. This is more to add another aspect to abyss sites to spice them up.

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Predatory shouldn’t get a free get out of jail card. Clear the site or die.


You wouldn’t need your proposal if they weren’t instances. Pretty sure people who like instanced PvE are not compatible with any PvP in this situation. :wink: Those who can’t stand in the open world go to the arena instances for their “fair” fights.

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I think that is an interesting idea! That would make it so that the Predator has to fit their ship in a specific way and so that they have a lot to risk as well. Could also make it so that if they want to attack a T6 ship and get away with it, they better bring a T6 level ship themselves.


My thought to “Fix” the abyss is allow someone else to enter after the abyss runner, this player can only shoot the abyss runner, until the abyss runner is dead, then they can (and must) shoot the NPCs.

If they fail to kill the Abyss runner then they die

No. That would end just like old Proving Grounds. One hull is meta because everything else can’t finish PvE challenge and PvP at same time.

If you want more isk, run higher tier abyss. If you want more chills, run them in Jita.

Umm, threads like this should be posted in this sub-forum:

As for the thread topic, no to the increased Hunter loot drops and no to Predator Filaments automatically transporting you to an Abyss site with active runner. If anything, you should be near an active Abyss Trace when Filament is activated to enter the active Abyss site. Also definitely no to those Predator conditions. If you enter an Abyss site looking to gank the runner, then you automatically give consent to NPC PvE interaction.

What do you mean? Everybody sane runs them in Jita, because it’s the only system where you can’t get ganked on the exit.

You can’t?
I didn’t know that

You can’t put mobile depo in jita to stop runner from going straight into another filament.

Theoretically, if you can play near DT. You can be in more or less perfect safety. Run abyss until DT, and when DT hits and you are still inside abyss you gonna end in random safe spot.

… instances …

Unrelated to the thread … Instances would allow Eve to have a more realistic ‘space’ environment as opposed to the current implementation of space: Fish bowls connected with hoses.

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Different bowls connected with different hoses?. Unless whole New Eden will be one big system, it’s always same thing. Just with different wrapping.

Yeah. It’s an analogy, so only works so far. Consider, Systems are fish bowls, Gates are hoses.

What about all that empty space between the bowls? Imagine if there were no gates, and players jumped system to system, say the local star. maybe a 1 LY range. They’d land some where near the star using the same basic mechanic as cans launched from PI command centers: Close to the star but a random location.

Now imagine players could place some sort of bubbles in the spaces between systems. A jumping player would be stopped in some sort of instanced space along with who ever was already there.

Also, another possibility, if two jumping player paths intersect, a new instance would be created, and as players are traveling through, they could shoot at each other, maybe even a new module type that drops the target out of travel to sub warp speeds, into an instance.

Granted there are other mechanics that would be required and the balance would have to be worked out. But, it would be more like real space, vast and open compared to what exists now.


90% of current systems are dead, empty. There is no single reason to create more “infinite” dead space.

They’d not be empty if the artificial choke point of jump gates did not exist.


That’s what Elite does except its universe isn’t fish-bowled but a representation of our galaxy.
I like both universes though. But gate system has become obsolete.

Yep … I liken them to 1990s FPS spawn points, with some ass-hat sitting behind them with a shotgun.

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You are joking right? ED is like Skyrim. Loading screens each time you change location. Worst example ever…