Hunting gankers with your help

It’s anti-ganking which will lead to other channels the above channel is general chit-chat

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Time to try out a new idea , alas it must be done with alts, so I’ll be posting soon if it works or not .

Any other ways people think we could catch them please do write in.

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I’m actually quite sympathetic with AGs, because there indeed aren’t any practical methods of dealing with gankers militarily. You pretty much have to sit there with fast-locking ships of your own, and kill them before they can apply their DPS. And if you’re successful, you only prevent the gank instead of causing any meaningful damage, because ganking ships are a sunk cost.

That’s not an interesting way to play the game, and the only satisfaction you get out of it is knowing that some dumb carebear won’t lose their ship.

This entire thing feels like it’s missing a bunch of game mechanics. AGs need additional tools to use against gankers, like for example something that would allow them to capture them (temporarily). There also needs to be something in the game that would let victims know that they’re targets, and/or that they’ve been saved, and/or that protection exists, et cetera. For example, some kind of fee payment system that would tax miners/haulers, and pay out the tax money as rewards to “deputized” players. Gankers themselves need tools that would allow them to escape both CONCORD and player enforcers, if they’re skillful enough, which would also change the meta a bit by allowing them to use various other ships, and not only cheap destroyers, with some occasional battlecruisers for really big targets.

CCP just really sucks at creating meaningful gameplay elements. Ganking, wars, bounty-hunting, faction warfare, are all mechanics that desperately need to be reworked, and have some rationality built into them.


Makes sense to me

Capturing ships? Kind of like Homeworld salvager ships like (if you know that game)?

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There is no escaping CONCORD, that’s known as an exploit

Wish they would stop messing up peoples game play with the nurf hammer.

Like ew and jamming for example needed changing to stop the falcon effect but not mess with jamming but introduce a counter to it. Some item to use or a skill or ship to train that can neutralise the effect of jamming.

It’s a bit like gankers, please don’t stop them by changing the game rules , they can do it if they want , it’s eve after all, but give us a bit of game play some how to make it worth our while in AG to stop them , like isk or concord loyalty points, then if we don’t counter it the ganks have it easy

Can’t it be like the real world development ,take Somali pirates we didn’t take away their speed boats , we come up with ways to counter it.

I’m not a games designer but sometimes things seem to develop backwards or one sided, Eve is a great game don’t mess it up.

Charge an anti-ganking service fee? X isk = one freighter jump escort?
If it just gets paid out by the game that has a 100% chance of being gamed.

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EVE always reminded me of Homeworld, mixed with some older games like Renegade Legion Interceptor

It does have that tactical screen vibe of Homeworld, yes.


Why were you in Ekura, bit far away from the ganking hubs.

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Nice fleet indeed Kane , I was only 3 jumps away fishing for gankers, thought it’s rude not to pop by and watch the show.

Nice work