Hey Blue,

I hope U dont go, but if U must, then dont give Ur stuff away.

Leave Ur acct. 4 if U have a break & maybe come back sometime.

I dont care much 4 the Polotics, (Bollotics.!) but the little I talked with U, U r a very decent person, maniac or not.! :slight_smile:

I wish now that I had played with U more, 2 at least pay back a little. :frowning:

TC & love from,


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I will always be thankful for what you have done for RvB and will always fondly remember the fights we had. We will see each other in space … or in another game … the world is a small place. Find happyness in your family … And thanks for everything.

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@bluelysian - All the best to you and your family in future. o7

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It’s been emotional sunshine!

What fantastic work you done in RL!

Sadly the nature of eve is someone always gets hurt, sadly this time it was you.

Enjoy winning eve and hopefully you will find somewhere else to put your talents to good use.

See you on the dance floor one day sunshine, till that day take care of yourself!

Much love nitro

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I know you but you don’t know me. No matter. I wanted to let you know that you influenced me in a positive way and I’m sorry what happened to you.
Just knowing what happened to you makes me want to thow up on CCP!!
And employee(s) of CCP colluding with corporation fatcats in underhanded deals and disgusting behavior… I did suspect that some CCP employees were having huge advantages over the rest of the players and doing some crap behind the scenes but I thought it was my imagination or paranoia. Well, this ugly story confirms the reality I thought was paranoia. Now I know.
I will never look at CCP the same way. Losers.
Thank you, Bluelysian, for everything. :heart:

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Vision Thing Achasse, hmmmm… I don’t know anything about this current drama, but he used to farm new bros in a RLML Prophecy with a full slave set on the station undock…

I loved a lot of RvB folks though.

<3 @Bluelysian

Don’t quit!! So many good folks here love you.


Can I have (more) of your stuff?

In all seriousness, spending that much real life money on EVE is a recipe for disaster. When there’s 6k on the line, it’s going to be stolen at some point.

Took only 3 months for Vision and his “ eager beavers” to ruin RvB .
Begining of the summer they announced all other management members step down from their seats and they handover everything to Vision Thing Achasse . They stop recruiting to Red Federation and Blue Republic. Academy had zero events and activity. They kept people by filling them lies … they told them numbers will pick up… But they haven’t done anything at all … activity hit to zero from thousands of kills weekly.


He burned down RvB and ruined for his personal ego, grudges and incompetence.

Ban and block so many community members to cover up his lies and isolate rest of the community and keep them clueless…

Ruled and tortured RvB with stone hard fascism last couple of months…

You can not even join RvB discord without e-mail and telephone number anymore…

And community drown into his toxicity like frog boiling …
Hide behind the curtains…
Hide behind the curtains…

Why not come back and build something new? Success is the best revenge as they say.

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The best revenge is scamming 4 bil off someone who scammed my friend, and kicked me and hired PIRAT to bash my empty Raitaru because I suicide ECM’d someone who was cheating by using high grade implants and valuable modules, when bluelysian specifically banned it. This person was only in the corp for 2 days and apparently they mattered more than one of her longest members… I had helped a lot with proofreading whatever website was up in late 2019 as well. None of that mattered to you… The irony is that blue trusting random new players is what lost her 4 bil.

I remember that event .I have already give you billions sievert and reimbursed you uncountable times and i did help you at defence of your citadel . . And i was aware when you join RvB but i did not kick you . . Because it was RvB and i wont bring my personal stuff and just ban someone because of scam me .

I have kicked you because you have landed 3. Party EcM to 1v1 honoured fight. BIG NO NO.
If you hold onto your descency, loose the ship like a man , and tell be he has implants and its forbidded… then i implant check him and if thats true i kick him and reimburse your loss fully.

You know i do that because i did it for everybody.

If you need ISK you would come and ask me… but you did not .

Instead you made a character claim that you are a kid … and roll that insane contract… and i accepted quickly because this amount was too much for a kid to waste put of their parents knowledge and i decided to contact CCP and inform and keep the plex safe …

You simply used my maternal instincts, my compassion , and my care to scam me.

This is no matter what … not loss for me…

This is loss for your honour dignity and personality… as minor and autistic, i know you dont have any conscience, you dont have any grab on some of social context and values

By acting like that. , you just reveal your own personality and your quality…

4 bil is lot of money for you… For me… comparing the amount i have give away to New pilots of EVE and used on charity events….its a little sand on the beach…

But i can see how much it fills you still…
It is very sad to see you like that …

And no after what you did… just because of someone scam me … i never stop holding onto well intentions and help …

If you want to keep ■■■■ post this thread… I strongly suggest you to read many respected Veterans comments up there…

You dont need to wee wee on graves in the cemetary. I will not answer your further comments . Act descent if you can

He refused to kill me. I had to go, I was still new enough to not know the self destruct feature existed. He bragged about his implants mid fight. I asked you to reimburse the citadel and all you did was talk about the ECM. I had 3 alts that could fly tornados, I just wanted to leave for my appointment. I could have blown him to smithereens, that thing was 3b+ and I had dual webs + scram, surprised no one had scanned it and ganked it already. I knew I had lost, he wouldn’t let me lose. Said ‘wait for blue’, etc. That’s also when he bragged about his implants.

I also never told you I bought plex, not sure where you are getting that. I made up some story about finding a ton of valuable items and posting the contract in your public channel, but that was about it. I just said I found them in a random can, lol. I asked for no more than reimbursement for the citadel. You wouldn’t even provide that. If he wanted some dumb Brutix kill he could have killed me, but he didn’t and instead held me, not even for ransom just to ‘troll’ me.

And apparently using some stupid suicide griffin is worse than using HG asklepians and a blingy ship, and also holding me for no reason, this is against many rules of the corp. The fact that I didn’t ECM him or gank him once I found out (because he bragged about it) is that I actually wanted to be somewhat honorable in the face of a cheater. But, holding me for laughs was crossing the line, I had to go and couldn’t play those games.

If I actually was just in it for the ISK I would have absolutely ganked a 3b deimos, the thing would melt to EMP nados. And then he pays 5 billion to kill a 500 million citadel. That was ridiculous. So the fact that you thought that was OK pissed me off.

I wanted to get a spy into your corp to scam the Ark you had, since you had previously lent me a Providence I wanted to infiltrate and gain trust in order to steal it. That didn’t work and I got kicked, but not for scamming, just another inaccuracy. So, I figured if I made up some story and posted a fake contract in your channel, you would accept it because you would think it was a legitimate mistake and didn’t want someone else to scam me. That’s exactly what happened.

It is extraordinarily stupid to spent 8,000 dollars on a game. The only reason 4b was nothing to you, was that you were buying plex. You had no source of income. This has to be the worst reason to buy 8k of plex as well, because CCP should be the ones spending money on new player retention. You’re literally paying to do CCP’s job. It’s not wrong to help new players, but spending 8k is monumentally stupid. You’d be better off wiring it to a Nigerian prince.

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Just a thought I had since some time and guess why not ask when at it as you are active again: Why did you use your orca (or whatever ship’s) fleet hangar to distribute the free ships when you could just do that either through contracts and/or through direct trade window docking up at a station or structure? :thinking:

I am not active in-game. But I am still connected to the community. And actually, I am working on an idea. Kind of a new concept and content. The best part is this can eliminate so many obstacles I had been dealing with before. My first project was the success that lead to the RVB project and there well visibly I failed. you know
We have everything to make it work.

I don’t like to just give fish @Uriel_the_Flame. I did that a lot … also to make it more fun I tried something in Amarr for some time. I have been dropping some properly fitted ships to safe spots and announce in local so people combat scan down if they find it they can have it. But that is not really productive

I do always love to teach how to catch fish more than just give fish … I really love to see people learning and sailing through challenges and achieve themselves, grow and see them be proud of themselves and content.

I have reasons to stay away even I do want a lot to come back and I miss a loot. IF these reasons ease away. I can…
Just believe me … shouldn’t be so hard to see for you… I am cracking here.

I was referring to the fact that some guy was able to grab hundreds of these ships from your fleet hangar if I recall correctly, was sometime I read that post. So you can keep the games and achievement based handout but those who earned it would receive the reward / gift through a contract or trade window instead of exposing your fleet hangar to strangers. This is what I was asking about.

Sievert… i am not your enemy boy … what you are telling in these last paragraphs… straight TRUTH.
i am stupid… i feel so very badly…
Before RvB it was not issue for me to make isk in a very short time. I am customised to make isk with isk … just like real life… so i didnt need to buy so much plex at all… but after took over RvB i had no time anymore … i couldnt find a time even tojpin funz and enjoy the fights… i had been constantly feeding the bowheads and fiddling with diplomacy , management and orientation… i have been much more in space when i have been with you guys… while people having funss outside… Ofiicially most of my undocks were only for training and class purpose… else forgeting my ships in space constant and get myself ganked. While i was taking care of things on comms. Wow sounds like such miserable

Ah … it was open public event . Open to all New Pilots… and ships were all free and they were reshipping unlimited… im talking about bat ■■■■ crazy explotion traffic …like Rookie system shining in the map like big reddest shiniest apple in the activity map … and i have been in space most of the time … to explain them like this is MWD this is AB … this scramble this is disruptor… how this works… i cannot make contracts and keep things flow at the same time… i cant make hundreds of contracts for so many people non stop

I see makes sense.