I am the wormhole police department and i need an efficient tool to work


I have a serious issue here. I created almost now like 2 weeks ago an important corporation who got an important duty. I am speaking about this corporation called : wormhole police department (WHPD).

We patroll a lot accross different space, sometimes we are in high, low sec and null sec, I have to admitt mainly in wh space… Our main tool to patrol is the helios (i mean i am almost top 1 this week with gasparella under zkillboard, but it is not important). I mean now I am like naked, I can’t do the police without my uniform and there is non for the helios. So i offfically ask CCP to create it as soon as possible. Thank you.

Sincerly, Amra Ni-Yesta & Gasparella

Love :heart::slight_smile::heart: (I know you can do it)

I actually don’t have the faintest idea what you’re talking about…

I am asking an helios police skin.

OK, gotcha :slight_smile:

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