I am waiting for a mirror for Singularity, but until then, I want to know a few things in the comments

I have 3 accounts and 1 can fly a capital. When I am mirrored, can I buy capital ships off the market or only sub cap pvp ships. I want to do some practice runs on level 4/5 missions, combat anomolies, Abyssals and cyno jumping for freighters/t2 or even super carriers and titans and dreads.

What are the limits of what I can do on Singularity when my accounts get mirrored?

Titans and supers are not seeded, all other capitals are, besides faction ones, AT ships arent seeded, officer mods arent seeded only DED mods. Skill injectors are not seeded and are the currency of the test server, if you want titans/supers/AT ships, anything special etc you buy them off contracts with skill injectors.

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What are AT ships?

alliance tournament

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