I am worried about the Future of Eve Online

Hey fellow Capsuleers, wanted to get this off my chest.

Not all the time, but I do often think about the Future of Eve Online in my off time, or while playing it:

I am kind of bummed of when is CCP going to finally address the Contract and Public Hauling Contract system.

This system is a secret unknown factor to the lifeblood of Eve Online. I feel like CCP has abandoned and not addressed it for years.

An overhaul and buff to the Public Courier Contract system will boost the game and for all players. More trade + more flow of goods through the universe = More Combat and Fun


What do you think is wrong with it? Seems to work fine to me. Certainly any problems don’t threaten the future of the game.

I even hear that contracts might make there way soon to the API which would allow third-party party tools to be built. That would make contract discovery easier and should increase use of the system thus stimulating the economy.


So you haven’t heard of red frog or pushx?Courier contracts are very much a thing there’s also plenty of couriers who haul exclusively for their own alliance/corp/coalition.Public contracts are useless IMO,you want to be a space trucker join a group that does this,you’ll have the advantage of ready customers,plenty of info from vets and fixed rates imposed by your group which also means not risking your ship for peanuts.


What’s wrong with it?
Seems to be fine to me, and the #1 rule of programming is don’t touch what’s not broken!

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You are thinking profoundly about the future of eve and contracts are what is worrying you the most?
Get out…


I can understand from a solo point of view they are risky. Thus the amalgamations like red frog are formed to combat that. Eve is a brutal game solo. Ive accepted it as wolfpack online. If your a loner you are already at a disadvantage. Hauling may not be your calling.

Always in need of a space trucker. Look us up at Moira. we would certainly keep you busy.

What needs fixing? I use public couriers often, they are great for cheaply moving stuff on popular routes. I use red frog as a baseline price and typically pay a little less, and most stuff gets moved in under 24 hours.

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Good is subjective. Most of us think there is little to no “crippling” problems with courier stuff. A few QOL items for sure, but nothing that will kill the game.

You think this thread is worthwhile, others do not. In a public forum, an idea must be open to criticisms. If they are indeed absurd, they can be debunked as such. So… debunk.


By “Most of us” you mean the “Usual Forum Trolls”. By “Most of Us” you mean a small handful of players with very questionable … lets use the word … education.

Speaking of which by what authority do you get to decide the criterion and order by which CCP address and decide how to further develop EVE Online? Who said it has to be a “…crippling problem…” before CCP can look at it???

Tossing your head stubbornly and shouting “NO!!!” is certainly not “criticism.”
“It works just fine.” is NOT criticism.


See any irony in saying that? (you know - mirrors and all…)
Obviously you have a problem with people who don’t respond as you want, Auto ol’ pal. I would be interested in learning what you consider to be wrong with the courier contract system, but it seems you prefer to disparage folks rather than discuss or even just inform. So be it.

@blake_m_miron - It would be great to know more if you are willing. What’s going on with contracts/public contracts that players should be concerned about? What could be done? TIA

No… by most of us I mean the people responding to the thread.

I looked… I don’t see where I stated that I direct CCP’s development. Please, point that out for me. Or take your meds as you’re obviously seeing things. As for why it “has to be crippling”, that’s a simple matter of triage. There are a great many problems which actually do need attention. Wasting time on something that’s already working just fine would be a very poor investment of dev time.

Sure it is. Criticism does not necessitate counterpoints, counterarguments, or discussion of merit. It can include those, but it does not require them.
Criticism: the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes.

Very much this, lol. :popcorn:

I used to work for Red Frog, there was always plenty of work and White Frog insurance covers both ship and collateral. They publish their queue statistics - as I write this:
Contracts: 169 outstanding, 15 in progress
last hour: 4 issued, 3 accepted, 0 completed
last day: 222 issued, 143 accepted, 156 completed

To me, that looks like a healthy marketplace - if anything, they need more pilots!

I suspect OP was scammed by accepting a contract to a Citadel where he couldn’t dock - scams are part of the game and it’s not hard to avoid high risk contracts - they have a red “station may be inaccessible” banner.


The hauling business is pretty much alive, and the courier contract system works fine for me. What is the actual problem?

In general I agree the contract system needs some love, the interface is dated and complicated. Also I still hope CCP Quant will one time be given the time to create a new contract type for collaterized loans, or rents.

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A total of 7 people responded to this thread, that qualifies as a “small handful”.
Wait … let me quess … You never said 7 people, amirite!

I won’t bother responding to the rest of your childish gibberish.
there is a TROLLFEST going on in this thread >>> High Sec issues I have heard, from both new & old Feel Free to Join in! The more crazies the better, right!

Got any graph pr0n to back that claim up? Not trying to discredit you. Just curious as to where you got that information.

Before you ask to overhaul you have to first mention what is wrong with it in the first place. And please for the love of Satan don’t be ambiguous about it. Be specific. What specific part(s) of the contract system do you think are broken? How are they broken? How can they be fixed exactly?

You can’t just simply tell me that something is wrong with a car you brought in to the shop if you don’t tell me what part of it is wrong. I can’t fix a car if you don’t point to me to something specific.

He did not post an idea. He posted an opinion piece.

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Im not sure what OP wants, specifically.

But I agree the Contract system, mostly as the UI, could use some small improvements.

If its any consolation, the UI team at CCP is very good.
Hardly a single update/patch has been passed without UI improvements.
I love that. I’m a huge believer in the importance of UI.

My other issues regarding the sheer volume of transport, especially past the narrow LS threshold, are not relevant to this thread, unless OP shows up and specifies that.

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If you kill solo play you kill EVE.

GG more bot tools …