I can't stream EVE to another computer, stopping each 3-5 seconds

Hello, I’ve been playing via Steam In Home Streaming since I started, but yesterday it started, everytime I try to connect via Steam (or even Teamviewer) when the game’s launched, the stream stops each 3-5 seconds for few seconds, and so on.

Any ideas to solve this and to start remote playing from my computer?

First of all, EVE is not meant to be played remotely (via TeamViewer or similar programs). Secondly playing remotely requires a lot of bandwidth just like any other video streaming services does.

The following may be what’s causing your issues:

  • Not enough Internet Bandwidth available.
  • Your PC does not have enough processing power to keep up the BitRate for a smoothe streaming.

Possible solutions:

  • Upgrade your Internet bandwidth.
  • Upgrade your PC specs to increase it’s processing power.

What? He said he was streaming fine until yesterday, why would you tell him to upgrade his PC?

But it works anyway so i’m told.

OP, is it possible steam or windows or something was updating while you were trying to stream? Often programs will download updates passively and not warn you, these downloads can impact your internet speeds a lot since they are coming from dedicated servers and will generally hit a high bandwidth.

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@Keno_Skir All I was giving was possible explanations and solutions to the problem and the information given. your suggested explanation also falls within my “Not enough internet bandwidth available”

Download speed is not as important as Upload is when streaming.

I already fixed it, seems my antivirus firewall was blocking UDP Flood protocol which steam streaming was using, I bypassed the streaming client in my firewall, and everything’s running smooth now.


could you please tell me how you set up steam/eve online to use steam in house streaming?
I always thought the launcher prevents me from using this steam feature.

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