I could not hate this more

(Moron McClue) #1

Having earned the right to post on the new forum, I declare my infinite and unconditional hate for it.

The “tutorial” was patronising, far too long, and I can’t believe it was mandatory.

(yellow parasol) #2

There’s something funny about a “Moron” complaining about needing to do tutorials. :grin:

(Moron McClue) #3

Forums are so simple even a Moron can grasp it, even if he’s got a McClue

(Arronicus) #4

Your name suits you well. The tutorial is completely optional.

(Moron McClue) #5

I was prevented from posting a new topic until I’d completed this, and if it was skippable it wasn’t particularly obvious that one could, let alone how. In any case it’s a pretty terrible system introduction.

(yellow parasol) #6

It’s perfect for CCP’s new target audience, who apparently need tutorials to be able to use forums and achievements as bait. Must be quite the huge list of things already…

(MacGregor Orlenard) #7

I though that eve is at least so complicated that players have enough brain to know how use one of most easy forum CMS.

I really don’t get why everyone complain?

(yellow parasol) #8

CCP’s marketing tactics are proof that the majority of modern EVE players aren’t smart at all.

(Waicheun) #9

i think i finished the tutorial…but god damn…i still cant make posts in some parts…when is this tutorial completed