I defeated BLACKFLAG

I run a small Highsec mining/antiganking alliance, it’s basically just me and my alts, we use a few bots to keep everything running efficiently. Recently, a griefer space bully group known as BLACKFLAG. tried to shake me down with an amateurish extortion racket. They claimed that I owned money just because my GAY PRIDE alt harvested one of their mining Kikis. That’s nonsense, the Kikimoras are free to everyone, and I didn’t see BLACKFLAG’s name on it. Well, I wasn’t gonna let that Khromius push me around, because I am way more powerful than James 315 ever was.

Here is the full annotated narrative, which shows how salty antigankers fail daily. WoW!

P.S. I don’t own any stations, lol!





That is actually brilliant.

While we were grinding down and popping Safety members alt structures…

Athanor | DMoney Corp | Killmail | zKillboard and more

And those that gank with them…

Azbel | Y0Mama | Killmail | zKillboard

To be honest though… that guy deserved it. He was not happy loosing his Tartara so we got those pesky… send me isk or else evemails. Prepare yourself to get threatening evemail for a week or so while plans his master revenge plan.

EDIT: Thank you for the read. I love that dude, he has been comedy gold. I will send you the mails he send us because I think it will tie his story off nicely.

Just so you know. He said that once our debt hits 1 trillion we will pay the ultimate price if we cannot pay.

haha @God_Emperor_Kane sounds salty because we dunked his alt’s Jump Freighter!!! He was too busy grinding down random structures and tried to AFK through Uedama. Hahahaha, nice try BLACKFLAG!






This difference with what you posted… I don’t make things up…

I can prove it…

You cannot…

Mr D :slight_smile:


Oh and Steve from RVB is also Y0Mama



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WOW, incredible! Hat’s off to you. o7

Even I know not to go through Uedema and I’m a noob :rofl: Let alone being AFK…

My EVE idols are having a spat, and I have no idea what to do.

It’s like mommy and daddy are fighting in the kitchen, and I’m sitting in the living room, desperately trying to play with my toy firetruck in order to drown out the sounds of yelling, cursing, and shattering glass.

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Yes but mommy is telling lies.

You know daddy does not own a Jump Freighter mistress. Let alone fly with no forks given… eewww. It like being told I like to mine ice in Osmon. Sis man…

And it is not a spat. Daddy provided facts and mommy pulls some imaginary thing out of thin air. Like all mommy daddy fights go…

EDIT and out of Character: I also just realized… who the hell takes a jump freighter through the long way? And not just jump it closest to hub your going to. What a noob.

Also… Very large Highsec to Highsec WH exist for a reason. Best way to travel.


m8, I think you live at least partly in some kind of parallel world and you also take the game way too serious. I would recommend seeking for professional help, no offense.

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Not you Kane, Aiko, geez :roll_eyes:

What happens in Uedama, should stay in Uedama.

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Am I gonna have to stay with grandma Githany again?

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hahahahaha Kane is just salty because his alt corp lost a KEEPSTAR - LOL!

:rofl: :face_with_monocle: :partying_face:


lol :slight_smile:

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Does this mean there’s going to be no Disneyland this year?


Woah slow down partner, you have to pay for premium grade mommy/daddy content

@God_Emperor_Kane nyways all of your screenshots are fake and you are a notorious fabricator. Steve from RVB doesn’t exist. But you know, Kane, I don’t hold your endless lies against you. You’ve gotta earn your filthy blood money somehow. After all, you need to finance that not-so-secret JF habit of yours, amiright?

lol…Screenshots maybe…

Actual Zkill… NEVER.

Everyone knows that it is wrong to oppose the Princess.

I will say,

I have loved being back in EVE ever since I came back in Feb 2020. It is just getting better and better.

All these interactions, conflicts, sexy times, fun times, is what eve is about. And now that I live in Europe… this Covid things needs to end so I can go to Fanfest. And have a beer with you bastards.

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