I defeated BLACKFLAG


Praise James315 our beloved Saviour! \o/

Really I’m more worried about this from Pirate Princesses diaries…

"Everyone in my Why Was I Ganked? channel was cursed!

Yiolo wrote down everyone’s name"

The gypsy curse that Yiolo placed on the channel has the potential to take out many important players of Eve , Kane’s often in that channel chatting to his friends. Also many unsuspecting players get pulled in there not understand what the channel is. Please be careful with curses and don’t destroy Eve.

Lastly we all know the truth , Black Flag did what they alway do , safety lost a lot of assets and Aiko will twist, lie and make up stuff to appear to be the victor.

And what’s this mean.

Anyway well done black flag , I do hope I can make the next Fanfest , I believe Iceland have the royal suite all ready for The pirate princess if she needs it.
Oh and the other point don’t pay safety they still kill you.

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hahahaha Githany Red is salty because we just double dunked her mining alt!


Did you :scream: so how do I get my ships back I should not have been ganked, I’m only a new play and thought I was safe in high sec, :hugs:

Send me your isk.

If it means I get visited by the Sexy Sax guy, sign me the hell up!

Mrowwwrrr! What a beefcake!

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Aiko appears being reasonably playful. In contrast to some more professionally concerned characters!

Are any of the links in this thread clickbait? :thinking:


The mere mention of her name “Queen Regent Princess Space Witch” in local strikes fear in the hearts of her enemies.

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I’m not quite sure what’s getting better with you. 20 people feel proud spending 2 hours to grind a 1.2 billion structure? Give me the same fleet & time I would have killed 5 golems.

If I really liked structure shooting, I would probably join TEST or PH to grind some goons structures, at least they would worth 50 billion or more.

I hate when my friends fight. :frowning:

Mom and dad are arguing while you’re in the other room playing with legos.

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Did you hack my email or something? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: