I feel as if high-sec insurgencies don't do anything, here's my suggestions

So the high-sec area I operate out of has seen two successful pirate insurgencies so far and the net effect has been nothing. The way I see it, is you basically get a low-sec system without any of the extra ISK-making opportunities that low-sec normally offers, so the place turns into a ghost town until the insurgency ends, after which all of the locals come back. It’s annoying but not much else.

I can think of a few ways to try and improve this:

  1. Somehow, ISK making opportunities need to be at least as good as low-sec, if not better. New anomaly types seem like the most obvious way to do this.

  2. It should be possible for the system’s usual residents to restore order to the system early. Otherwise, why bother staying in the system? You lost to the pirates (doesn’t seem like anyone wins at this currently, at least not where I am), it’s over, just use a different system for a couple days and then come back. Maybe this is counter-intuitive but a defeat you can’t come back from doesn’t encourage more engagement from the usual system residents. Along with better anomalies, the fight should continue in some shape or form. For example, you get CONCORD back in most of the system, but not in the newly spawned anomalies, which means that pirates who are farming those anoms can still attack you if you try and contest those.

1, no it’s not a low sec
2. You can through in-game mechanics, if you choose to wait til it’s maxed against you, that is in fact on you.

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Isn’t the biggest impact that Player Owned Structures (Citadels, POS, POCOs) can be attacked if CONCORD is out, without a wardec? Or did I get this one wrong?

I just want to see Jita resort to a 0.4 system for one week…

Citadels in high can’t be destroyed as result of insurgencies, the reinforcement timers are too long and the insurgency will end before that. As for POS, I think they are a pain to attack and I doubt anyone cares enough about them to do so.

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Thank you for the Clarification.

This is not true. Timers take ~4.5 days, the Insurgency can last way longer.

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Technically this is true but in practice this is not happening. Captured high sec systems are lucky if they last 3 days.


This was the first in the Amarr/Mil warzone, the Guristas have taken down one as well to my information

The Insurgency can last longer than the armor/hull timer on medium structures and this is a fact. It depends on how hard systems are defended and how hard the pirates push.

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Guristas took down five structures in Usi (0.5), including a Tatara and an Azbel:

And Shadow Cartel got another Tatara as a result of the insurgency:

So yeah. There’s time.