Pirate / low sec upgrades / Low sec expansion

Would like more content for low sec pirating, don’t want to take away from pvp, but could use things / events / sites to make living in low sec more profitable, things to shoot, things to raid and loot, etc i have played for some time and i still feel low sec needs a better eco system. there needs to be more happening there for people who want to do the pirating side of things. More action and big things happening like you see in big null sec Fights.

So to give examples so a pirate player / group might see a disabled ship type npc in low sec now you can attack it for good loot and a player in high sec can be alerted to help it.

10 % tidi, lag fests, disconnect bonanzas, unresponsive client … You sure you know what you are talking about?

Why would someone from high sec come help some rando in low sec and fly voluntarily into a death trap?

How about you do something on your own first? There are missions, Besieged Covert sites, exploration and things to mine in low sec. Do that and wait for people to notice you and bait them into a fight. All the PVE things that I have listed are very profitable in low sec and they offer excellent opportunities for PVP as well.

The idea is very vague at the moment. You want more stuff in low sec, but be more clear what that stuff is, how does it work?

Your example is a site that can be attacked for loot but alerts other players. How does the site spawn? How does it alert other players? How does it choose which players to alert? Does attacking the site send players suspect (so that the would-be saviours don’t lose sec status for engaging the attackers for example)? How does the site end? Who wins and how?

Stuff like that.

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