I feel the need for SPEED!

Besides using the hyperspacial rigs, what other fits (if any) can be used to increase a ships warp velocity?

Ascendancy implants standard issue for WTM fleets as HQ systems are often 100+ au wide at times.

There is a hardwire implant also that increases warp velocity and sometimes event drugs give extra warp velocity.

Good luck!


Hyperspatial accelerators are low slot modules that increase warp speed.

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Are you asking for ship agility so it can warp sooner?
It is Nomad implants, you can warp as fast as if the ship was fitted for warp, but you can keep the tank

But if it’s for warp speed itself in AU speed, then it is the Ascendancy set

Just FYI: The Pacifier gets a warp speed bonus for levels of Covert Ops while the Enforcer gets the bonus for levels of Recon ships and the Marshall for levels in Black Ops…


There is another implant that increases warp speed, called “warp speed control”, but I am not sure. I can’t open the client right now to confirm.
However, since it is a slot 6 implant, it is competing with other omega and other slot 6 implants.

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