I found an old (pre-alpha) picture of the Yoiul, and more!

During the course of my efforts to learn the game’s history, I came across this album of old EvE promo and teaser images, one of which featured a ship I thought was only seen in text; the Yoiul.


To my eyes, it resembles a big, greenish-gold grasshopper or some other insect I can’t remember the name of. The gallery also featured an image of another ship:


I’m unsure if Noid is the class’ name or the name of the ship itself; the way the captions are worded makes me think it be either Scratch that, it’s definitely the ship’s name. You can see clear similarities between the two vessels, but close inspection reveals the Noid to have a sharper prow, while the Yoiul’s dorsal bulge resembles a human nose.

On a final note, poking around the Wayback Machine’s archive of eve-online.com’s concept art gallery also netted me concept art of what would become these two ships:


It’s a pity that so much from the earliest days was lost over the years, but as someone who is highly passionate for EvE I try to help everyone to either remember the old times or learn them anew. :wink:


Thank you for this, I always wondered what The Yoiul really looked like, and I am not disappointed.


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