I got arrested

Lately my activity has been a little low, some of you might not know this, but I got arrested. I got arrested in real life! Like omgz, so I was at the Starbucks and this girl was wearing pink, and that’s my colour, and I said b I will cut a b, gimme yo lunch monies. I grabbed her stupid purse and was rummaging through it, tossing her trash all over the floor, and she started crying and I was like, “Calm down…” and right then a big strong hand grabbed me by the ponytail and jerked me around and it was like the real life CONCORD all dressed in blacks and blues and they was like, “What is going on here?” and I was like “Let me go! Let me go!” but I wound up going downtown and they were like, “I knew you would be back.” and I said, “shut up” but the judge didn’t like that and so I’m been real busy doing a lot of community services at the library where I pretend to shelve books and mostly just hide behind the encyclopedias. A real wake up call for me was when I wrote Hilmar and asked him for a character reference to show my good natures and he said, “No.” Can you believe that? Well gosh, I guess the real life lesson here is that what you are in a video game is what you are in real-life, and vice-versa. I tried my best to be good in EvE Online, but I’m just a griefer bully just like in real-life, and that ain’t never gonna change. My therapist said I need to keep my griefer bullying ingame, and if I kill an Orca or a freighter, at least I ain’t back out on the corner. My current project involves going DEEP UNDERCOVER SAFARI STYLE in a highsec mining alliance where I plan to make someone cry real bad, and when they do I’m gonna laugh so hard and feel better about myself.


good for you

I read that psychopathy was all in my jeans. But being a capsuleer encased in some strange fluid, I don’t have any jeans.

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