I have bounty but am a noob who has never interacted with another player?

I am new to Eve, just have an Alpha account I started a few days ago. My play style is to buy and sell items within the same station, and also to make a bit hauling items I bought cheap in one station, and haul it to another and sell it for a profit. All high-sec, all near the home base where the game spawned me. I make a few million a day doing that, and otherwise mine a bit and make some isk doing the PvE missions.

I’ve never talked to anyone in the game, or fought another player or been ganked or anything like that.

How/why would I have a bounty, and how do I get rid of it? I’m not interested in fighting somebody or whatever this is about. I’m looking for a real chill carebear type game, and am about to drop this if it’s going to not be like that.

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I suspect troll… especially seeing your name, but as this is NC Q&A I’ll give it a serious answer.

Don’t worry about bounties, they do not change any game aggresion mechanics and so are meaningless (except as a badge of honour for some.)

If, however, you are looking for a “real chill carebear type game” then this certainly is not the game for you. People will shoot you whether you have a bounty or not.


CCP have neutered the bounty system so hard to prevent abuse (because players could bounty-hunt their own alts) that it is effectively non-existent. You will never have to worry about being hunted. All it does is make your portrait sexier.

Trevor has a point though. While you could try to play EVE as a “chill carebear” game, it is touted as a hardcore sandbox PvP game. The amount of chill you experience has a lot to do with your personal tolerance for loss.


Good pointers.

Friends whose comments got me interested in the game indicated it was a sand box game and that players could adopt a wide range of play styles, from doing business, or exploring, or fighting. I’m def interested in the doing business end. I would do some of the exploring, but apparently in this game that heavily involves the fighting/pirating part I’m not really interested in.

The bounty drew my attention because as a new player, the bounty is as much as a big chunk of my net worth. Like wtf, I hardly know what I’m doing yet, quit griefing the noobs.

Yeah, I guess the name ‘Shootey’ sounds like a fighter. lol. I used that cuz it’s the name I use in the only other video game I play, a really obscure niche game called MechWarrior Online. I didn’t realize that as you fly around everywhere, people see it.

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To explain how the bounty works:

Your bounty is paid to someone that kills you as a percentage of the worth of the ship you are in, then deducted from your bounty total. Essentially, Person A pays into the bounty. Person B collects when they kill you.

But, it doesn’t give Person B any extra capabilities in the game to kill you. They can’t attack you unless they already were in a part of space where it is allowed without punishment. They can’t hunt you down any more than any player can. It is, in all effects, e-peen for Person A to get a notification whenever you do get killed that some of their money went to Person B

If you never get killed, the money was literally wasted other than to cause you a bit of consternation.

Ignore it. It truly is the barest of features in EVE and is primarily used as a troll or for the uninformed to relieve some excess salt in their system.


there’s a handful of players that will put a bounty on any character without one, I don’t really get it myself, but like someone else said it’s largely meaningless and I wouldn’t worry about it at all. I don’t even know if my characters have bounties at this point because I pay no attention to them.


If you are buying and selling stuff, you are interacting with other players. If you are hauling stuff, other players are scanning your cargo to see if your ship is worthwhile ganking.

Your friends were correct - there are a lot of ways to play Eve. I play as an industrialist and most of my PVP interaction is on the markets - not the battlefield. At least 1 of my characters has a bounty - but it has no impact on my game, I never see the wanted overlay!


While I agree that the bounty system is mostly superfluous, it does have its uses.

PvP pilots tend to fly inexpensive ships. Highsec gankers will almost certainly have chalked up their ships as a loss before the engagement even begins, and will be flying the cheapest ship possible. The bounty system affects them very little.

PvE players, though, invest quite a bit of isk into their ships and the bounty system can incentivize gankers to gank particular targets, or to just gank in general using a bit of extra cash. Regardless, though, I think that bounties are reasonably effective if used on players with a high ship value to attentiveness ratio.


Hm…interesting point.

Although, unless a player makes a habit of “site-stealing”, I’m not sure how a PvE player would rack up enough of a bounty to be an incentive. Ninja looting and suspect baiting these pilots, on the occasions they actually fall for that, is a good enough incentive on its own.

Won’t say it doesn’t happen though. People are crazy, and capsuleers moreso.

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Hello and welcome to Eve.

As others have said, that bounty doesn’t mean anything.

Now about this game, you can easily do PvE content and have a minimal amount of interaction with other players, just have to stay sharp and keep watch on your surroundings. If you stay in your NPC Corp and conduct activities in high security space, the only aspect of PvP you’ll ever be engaged in is the occasional suicide gank attempt.

There’s a lot of guides available both in the forums here and on the internet. I suggest doing some research to better familiarize yourself with the game mechanics.

Anyway, I hope you have a long and rewarding career here in Eve.


I used to play mechwarrior online. It’s pretty much all-pvp all the time. Looking for a “Carebear game” and decided on EvE without looking into it even one little bit eh Shootey McShooterson? Not buying it. You shouldn’t troll this one subforum, it’s for real new players.

In the past we use to wear our wanted sign proudly and when you had billions of isk on your head you actually had people wardeccing you in the hope of podding you to get it.

When CCP announced the bounty rework and how awesome it was going to be. We looked at what they were planning and went… yeah that is not going to work. Al you are going to end up with is a just about every single player in eve having a wanted sign. And that is exactly what happened.

Coming back to EVE (almost a month now) I had a little game to see how long it would take for me to stay wanted free. 5 days… after character creation when I popped a suspect players ship.

It is always surpising how the players of eve see how things are going to turn out… it is almost as if CCP has lost touch with how EVE actually works. But I digress.

So do not worry… Bounty is pointless since the payout to the person is calculated on a % of the total isk lost when your ship or pod gets popped. And having bounty does not make you target. Even though in EVE you are always a target for somebody.

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Have you ever spoken in Rookie Help chat? That’s more than enough to get yourself a bounty most days.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking it means something or that you did something to earn it.

It’s not an indication of how evil someone is. While you would think that having a large bounty means a person is some kind of dangerous intergalactic super villain more often than not it simply means that they said ‘Hello, I am new’ or something like that.

Some of the nicest people in EVE have some of the biggest bounties in EVE.

Also as the others mentioned, the bounty system doesn’t grant anyone additional rights to attack, or even give an attacker a payout worth hunting you for, unless you are in a valuable ship.

I could have a 1 billion bounty, but if you killed me while I was flying a 1 million value ship, you would get just 200k.

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To make sure you understand, that what you do here is PvP, as you interact and compete with other players, just not with weapons in this case. The market is almost completely player driven, and people fight over profits. Trying to not interact with other players in EvE is not possible unless you close all chats, never undock, and only ship spin.

From experience, only somebody versed in PvP and mechanics can mitigate risks and be safe by own measures. Ignoring the PvP aspects is the way to expensive losses.

To explain how exactly the Bounty System works. First of all, any player can place a Bounty on any other player.

Player A: has a bounty on his head.
Player B: intends to collect the bounty by destroying Player A’s ship.

Player B attacks Player A, with a bounty of X isk, Player A’s ship is destroyed and it’s value was Y isk.
Bounty payout is: Y x 0.2 -divided amongst involved parties. Can’t exceed the bounty (X in this context) on Player A.

Other than this the bounty system serves no purpose and can be totally ignored.

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Haha, I’m def not a troll. Been playing this 9 days or whatever it is now. Had never played it before. I know some basic lingo, because I’ve read a number of how to’s and 101’s on the game these past several days.

MWO is the only PVP game I’ve played in years. I normally play sandboxy, God-like, turn based games, or games that can at least be paused. Chill games that I can play late at night and get tired to. Civilization and Sim City/Cities:Skylines type games. I’ve played various old transport games and stock market type games as well, like the Railroad Tycoon series, etc… I actually only got into playing MWO as a physical therapy exercise. I have a royally ■■■■■■ up back/neck, which has given me mild-ish neuropathy on both arms and a leg. I got a new bout of it 3 years ago that hit my writing hand, my left. Makes my index finger especially, but also my thumb and middle finger a bit weak and very easily fatigued. Like I couldn’t even write a paragraph on paper without my hand and arm starting to basically throb and tremble from the fatigue, as if I had just worked out at the gym sooo hard… So on Dr’s instructions, I was looking around for a while for an exercise I could do with my hand that I would be into doing repeatedly, even when it started hurting. (Sorry, for those whose minds went there, wanking doesn’t stimulate the right muscles. :wink: ) Anything athletic, like clutching a racket is out, it’s too much on the rest of my body. So one day I was looking around Steam and saw a free to play game based on Battletech? As a child of the 80s, I was curious. I load it up and it’s a WASD game, which I’ve played very little of before (I was expecting to be able to use Xbox controller). Gold mine. It is physically challenging to play the game for the hand it needs to be, it’s virtually free, and is competitive enough that it makes me want to keep playing even when my hand is tired and wants to give out.

But I already play that game for an hour or so a day. I want to spend the rest of my game time on a game I can get into that isn’t so demanding of my attention. I’m usually playing when I want to wind down for the day, or here and there in between other activities. Eve is perfect so far for that. I heard Eve had a strong stock market-like game mechanic, and involves a lot of slow paced flying around an open universe. So far it has. :slight_smile:

Good to know this bounty doesn’t mean like a bunch of players are going to try to insta-kill me every time I log in. I might get into shooting some people later, I can tell it won’t be so demanding, since it’s almost all controlled with the mouse, but I just want to chill at first and learn the game better.

I’ve worked up to about $100 million my first few days and have already realized just how retardedly easy it is to manipulate market prices. Especially Jita, where you can have a QTY of 10 competing against others with QTYs in the hundreds, and these clowns are so used to 1-centing every bid, that if somebody keeps moving the bid 1-2% every 5 minutes, they’ll reflexively follow and 1-cent the multi-thousand ISK move. I was trolling one of the micro warp drives for several hours last night. I dominated the trading activity both buy and sell, making about $15 million for myself… But these idiots with huge orders chased me, instead of just letting my low volume trades go through, thereby costing themselves millions. I came back on today and the market moved even a bit lower still from the momentum that had built up, where these high rollers were clearly on tilt, determined to be top bidder. Napkin math indicated they lost at least $100 million ISK in profit needlessly chasing bids they should have let go, but their ego wouldn’t let them. OMG, it was by far the best moment I’ve experienced in this game yet. To make money dominating the trade like that, and compel several other suckers to lose millions. :smiley:


You see, you found your way into PvP.


Alright, I stand corrected. Some might say I’m an overly suspicious ashhat, but I prefer “awareness enthusiast”.

If you are still looking for games that might assist you with hand therapy, may I suggest Warframe. It is a free first-person shooter with full controller support. Basically it’s ninjas in space with lots of guns/bladed things and some funky techno/psychic “powers”. It’s mostly pve (teams of up to four, or solo mode in which game is pausable) but has pvp areanas and even a kind of space-lacrosse competetive game if you want. Game is added-to and updated constantly. Lots of fun.


I podded myself with an alt and pocketed it whenever the bounty got large. That said I don’t think I ever made it into the billions range, aside from that one time I put it on myself.

market pvp best pvp

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^yes it is!!!

@ Warframe… Yeah, some of my unit mates from MWO had mentioned that. I might check it out. MWO is falling off these days, the dev keeps dramatically altering game balance every few months lately, shedding players every time they do.

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