I just accidently blew up one of my own drones

I was arguing politics on Facebook using my phone while doing a green site when one of my drones flew in front of my target right as I clicked to lock on it and I hit the “F” key, I didn’t even know it was possible to do that.

RIP Hobgoblin I.


We never forget. BEEPboop*~~
We never forgive. Brrrrrrt**~.
We will have our ~BBZZZZ revenge~~~*
We are leeeegggioonn.


Just wait till his spirit returns as a sleeper battleship and one shots you from 3500 km away. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s Gallente. It will come back as a T1 freighter with a crap tank and someone will stick 5 billion in cargo in it and autopilot to Jita.

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That’s a Gecko; losing one of those to your own stupidity is like running over your dog.

you know while your AFK your drones will eat you now maybe just an arm or leg at first :stuck_out_tongue:

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But did it have its Permit?

Do you want to make more Rogue Drones?

Because that’s how you make more Rogue Drones.



Wait, they can hit you from that far off? Wow. Glad I never tried picking a fight with one.

They shoot very far but not sure exactly how far just put in a random extreme number to express the vengeful rage of the now battleship class drone punishing his former master who accidentally killed it before.

Speaking of sleepers…


It is sort of real easy to do when you draw a box on the screen out in front of you.

I remember when player controlled drones used to make sounds.

My hobgoblins made happy sounds when they killed something.


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