I just noticed today sentry drones are not weapons?

I was doing another career mission series because I needed a free venture. The missions got an update that “locks you out” of warping to the location without a weapon. I understand the mission has a lowbie NPC there I need to destroy, but all I ever did in the past was use my drones. This frees me up to have 2 lasers for mining the rocks. I could see this need to “suggest these things” to a new player, but to refuse to warp? Doesn’t sound very sandbox in my opinion.

What do you think?


Are you truly bothered that people can’t „engage the sandbox“ by bringing sentry drones into a career mission?

There’s so many other acceleration gates with artificial rules that are more problematic. That makes complaining about this one, quite funny.

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Not really “bothered” so much by CCP developers decision, but this is just a bit more hand holding than one expects. I can chuck a worthless gun on and cruise in there with only one mining laser. It was a tad bit weird, I wonder if this really helps at all? But I would expect my drones to be counted as weapons, since they do damage and make those pew pew noises.

I guess I’m just wondering why you’re bringing in a battleship and heavy-drone equivalents to do career missions. Sentry drones seem like complete overkill.


Like I said, I was just going after a free venture nearby. Why pay 300K when you don’t have to?

Ok…. Most people instead are thinking about the 3-limit restriction in SCC Key sites in lowsec, where most people shove 2 marauders at minimum inside so it is impossible to PvP them, and think that breaks the sandbox by preventing destruction.

The, uh, „I don’t want to spend 300k“ argument seems like a less motivational, greedy view of the same problem.

A Venture fitted with gaussian mining laser can mine that 300K in 15 minutes, probably less time than the mission takes, and just about pay for itself as the whole setup only costs 450K.


Sounds like the sandbox is telling you to equip a weapon in your high slots in order to enter that site.

Drones are not weapons, per se.
Some drones carry weapons. Some do not.

But the purpose of the mission is to teach a player not to be unarmed when doing a mission, which is a great general rule.

Like any set of hobby or artistry rules, advanced players know when to break these rules for better effect.

–Rulebreaker Gadget

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Thanks for all your opinions and attempts to shame me about a simple question. My friend and I were talking about it and they pointed out the tutorial requirements can be circumvented.

Solution: Turn off the agent menu both in space and docked. Accept the quest then in the Personal - Locations (aka bookmarks) you will see agents folder and you can warp to the mission from there without the “official recommendations”.

I still find it very odd the way the revamped these simple tasks.

If the tutorial complex is protected by an acceleration gate (IDK if it is) then bypassing the acceleration gate ship restriction is an exploit.

That makes no sense whatsoever

Does the tutorial mission have an acceleration gate? If no, end of story.

If yes, then my warning applies: finding ways to bypass any ship-related restrictions on an acceleration gate is listed as an exploit on CCP’s list. You may want to double check with a GM ahead of time.

I don’t know how else to explain it. I am just making sure your friend doesn’t get you banned.

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Newsflash: Corvettes come with a mining laser and a weapon turret.


Problem Solved !

Question: why would a person who has the sp invested in sentry drones do a career mission to get a free venture ? No. Don’t answer.


Question: why would a person who has the sp invested in sentry drones do a career mission to get a free venture ?

Doing a Career mission set nets quite a bit of faction rep.

No. Don’t answer.

You aren’t the boss of me. :laughing:

–Gadget did all 12 sets once on another clone… Never again


I don’t understand why someone who’s been in the game 9 months ‘needs’ a free Venture. Even the most basic setup Venture pays for itself ( even in highsec ) with 15 minutes or so of mining. In an hour you can have enough to pay for 4 new Ventures. So I don’t understand how someone who’s been playing for 9 months doesn’t even have the ISK for a new Venture.

I tried to build up a wallet with nothing but a corvette, mining, on another character… Never again am I doing experiments on myself. The constant docking was murder.

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I don’t know if it bypasses the acceleration gates but it bypasses the new tutorial nonsense. What fails to “make sense” to me, is the offering of free stuff, and then people asking why you bother to collect. If I see a bottle or can some fool tossed out their car window, I stoop down and pick it up for the dime at the store. Why wouldn’t you?

I can make more money elsewhere by not wasting the 5 minutes it takes to earn that $0.10 aka $1.20/hr. Opportunity cost and time value of money.

I don’t believe there’s any part that actually locks you out without a weapon, it just doesn’t show the warp button in the mission tracker, instead it asks you to equip a weapon over there. However, if you right click, to get the system objects menu it shows up under the agent missions thingy.