I love talking smack in WH's

Just saying,
When I get bored,and can’t find anything worth while when exploring,.I just start talking smack in local and its really fun to have such banter with other players,.now don’t get me wrong,I do it when I can rarely ever get caught but I find it a very enjoyable social aspect of the game,…
Fun players indeed,.

                               Thank you Eve !!

When I get bored, I like waltzing into populated systems and announcing I am now their overlord and demanding tribute from them.

Some laugh. Some cry. Many call me names. And yes, a few even give me ISKies.

But the main thing I accomplish with this is getting a somewhat quiet chat and making it sing. Strangers bond over their love or their hate of their new lord Epeen. And friendship is, as they say, the best ship.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


When I get bored… I quit the game!

When i get bored I go to a decently populated station(10-20 people) and ask them to form a fleet for a hard mission i cannot do, coz my hull sucks. Since most of these people are noobs, they respond, and come out in destroyers, some guy even came out in a corvette. I take them to the mission area and we get wrecked, me included, coz im a noob as well lol. Then they scream in chat coz i got their stuff wreced. Much fun.

When Im bored I AFK drone rat.

Oh sorry, thats should read when Im bor-ING.


Not much longer. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp:


I for one welcome our new Overlord of Eve, Mr Epeen.

All hail the Epeen.

LIke this? :smiley:

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