I miss shooting people for fun. Please help me

I miss smacktalking with idiots in Hek until they’re forced to tuck their yellow tails in because I will call them out and wait for them outside.

I miss being able to wardec bigmouths to teach them a lesson in manners in front of a superior. I miss the feeling of literal fear I’ve been causing in people by just surprisingly sitting in a Tornado in their corp’s base system waiting for them.

I miss escalating this literal fear into unbelieving after I’ve asked friends to wardec some moron to make sure he actually gets the message.

I miss making myself an easy target just to warp 50km away after someone spent five minutes slowboating to my seemingly afk and brightly flashing red pod in space and then making fun of him for trying. (i do give 10 million isk to everyone who manages to catch me, though, because credit needs to be given where it’s due … and I announce that properly to increase the chance of content happening)

I miss miners whining in local about things that don’t matter only to epiccally plot twist it into a trap to gank whatever white knighting moron believed he needed to “be” the good guy.

I really, really miss the RPG in MMORPG. (anyone else notice this?)

My last attempt of coming back into the game made me set up base in Urlen, one of the traffic heaviest systems in the game with 40k daily jumps … but it felt like work. Work. I don’t play to work, I’m a sports hunter and I enjoy the thrill of following a target with the chance of someone stopping me on my way.

I miss evading faction police to increase my attention span and both spatial and situational awareness.

I miss Kane’s “Hello there” on the forums and his magnificent aura and… hair! You knew the OP of that thread is going to have a really bad day and knowing that was amazing, because it made the game feel so ■■■■■■■ alive!

Nostalgia? Maybe!

Truth is that after EVE I’ve struggled playing anything at all. It’s just not the same anymore. I’ve managed to completely play through “Ori and the blind forest” (what a truly great game!) and “Retro City Rampage DX” … but it took me years to play through them, because I just didn’t see the point in it anymore.

I miss a sense of community in space.
I miss asking random locals for help to drive off other gankers and getting them, the locals, to undock.

I miss teaching rookies how to instaundock, blowing them up hilariously when they fail and compensating them generously when they finally succeed.

I miss people having fun beyond the (perceived) job that is necessary to play this game.

I miss telling people that flying around afk is like mindlessly walking through the bronx in a shiny suit, with a leather suitcase and a rolex.

I miss being able to deal with 15min of GCC, which eventually turned into pure psychological torture for me … and I am completely serious about this.

Well, this post didn’t quite go as I expected. I wanted to ask if you knew places to hang out at, with an active community in local, but it seems Nostalgia got the best of me. Nonetheless, if you know where I could go and cause activity where it’s going to be appreciated, I’d be happy to take a look.

Highsec only, please, because without the faction police on my tail it just feels boring as ■■■■. Where are people? Where’s a place to cause disturbances? Where’s a place a weird guy like me can have fun again?

Yes, I’m dead serious. No trolling. I really just wanna have fun playing a game again instead of working all ■■■■■■■ day on ■■■■ that I only do to keep myself occupied and not even for ■■■■■■■ real life money i don’t ■■■■■■■ need anyway.



I miss you being forum banned and not being able to post.


I don’t even know you!


Wow, you’re talking like someone who has an actually relevant killboard, instead of a list of dead gank-ships and unimpressive kills.

But yeah, apparently your post boils down to “I miss being an asshole at every opportunity”.

“I enjoy being an asshole. Then things got changed so people don’t have to deal with assholes. I am disappoint.”

Huh. It’s almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy.


What she said…

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I’ve never been an outright asshole unjustified!
I’ve always and still do first and foremost care about people being entertained!

Yes, that includes things like - and i quote - “You keep us on our toes” and “He’s going to explode you when he gets the chance” but NOT ONCE was my intention to extract tears! I hate the whining of people who explode thanks to their own bad decisions! No, that doesn’t contradict teaching bigmouths a lesson!

Take your “jumping to conclusions” elsewhere, thanks!


I’d jump to a conclusion too, but I’m all out of ozone.

Badum tiss


…What if…oh please no…a baloslsgelena alt!!! :grimacing::worried:

“Be the villian” seems to have been from a different EVE.


Well, I’m sure that’s the way you see it. The people on the other end may have felt differently. Certainly a significant number of your forum posts are pure outright asshole flags (IMHO) so I doubt that your behaviour in-game was universally received as “oh ho what a jolly trickster that Solstice is”.

Regardless, I communicated poorly in my reply, as the point was not aimed at you specifically. Allow me to rephrase.

It is all well and good for CCP to say “EVE is a dark and edgy universe where the gloves are off and there is nothing there to save you from the big bad wolves except your own skill and wits”. Sounds cool, sounds spicey - it’s just that sort of thing that got me to try EVE way back when. Well that, plus the fact that there were like a hundred different fantasy MMORPGs and very few space/sci-fi games and I wanted a change of pace.

There are many nostalgic posts on the web about ‘the good old days’ of various games that started out with the gloves off, the PKing was high, the limits were few, and people pulled all kinds of wild and crazy stunts with the game mechanics.

And the reason all those posts are nostalgic is because virtually every one of those games is gone, shut down, or but a pale shadow of its’ former glory. Every one of those games started to suffer player and income losses, and they pretty much all reacted by toning down the excesses of abuse that were possible in the game.

Those things are only cool for a little while, when the game is growing, a lot of new people are flowing through it, and the veteran players haven’t (in essence) formalized and perfected the mechanics of dominating, jerking around, and abusing everyone they can. It is the nature of some people (sadly) that when given that kind of opportunity, they will get their jollies by “demonstrating their power over those weaker than themselves”.

And guess what? Every single new player starts out weaker. Hence the “self fulfilling prophecy” comment. When a game formalizes the exploitation of newer/weaker players, and has no compensating mechanism in place to give those newer/weaker players some agency over their gaming experience, they leave. Then the intermediate players start to leave because they have nothing to prey on and they are becoming prey.

This is the basis of all those forum comments along the lines of “Well EVE worked pretty good for us back in 2008 and it’s even easier today, so it should be just fine for newbs”. No, because people didn’t face entire hordes of alliances, power blocs and hunters out there that had been in the game for ten years already and new every trick in the book. Hell, even Goonswarm wasn’t a big thing until 2009-2010 ish.

When your game design hinges on allowing the strong, experienced and powerful to exploit and target newer/weaker players for their jollies, and you put zero mechanics in the game to enable people to do something about that other than “look just pay your sub fee for 2 years and skill up and stay out of the way and eventually you won’t be an easy target anymore”, then your game is going to have trouble.

The wonder is that EVE has even managed to hang on this long. Although I guess when people have paid so long for the right to be assholes, it’s hard for them to give it up.


Congratulations you made those people leave. However by doing that you deprived yourself of content. Was that a brilliant strategy you had? How ironic. Play silly games, win silly prizes.



You literally killed yourself in that game.

If you having fun means you are not pushing away people anymore, then I don’t see any issue in you having fun no more.
Seems your whole game was based on you having more resource than the others, so being able to win any war of attrition. Well you won. So the game lost those persons.

I know you don’t care. I know that you don’t mind ruining a game as long as you can get a good idea of yourself while doing it.
You are just as bad as botters, as cheaters. And just as them, you don’t realize why what you’re doing is bad.


Sol is good people, and you whiners are maligning him just for creating content for people who quite often appreciate it. Making it personal is kinda gross.

Carebears are unhinged.


Sol is a toxic ganker and by your defending him you show your true colors as well.

Ganktards are unhinged!


Maybe use your ganker skills as a Bounty Hunter?


Why Hi-Sec only?

I thought you wanted a challenge, not defenseless people.

Try lo-sec, its fun and people actually shoot back.


ganking people who cannot shoot back is cowardice.

It is just a pathetic attempt to ruin the game play of others, it happens in every game. There are always scum and in the case of EvE criminals should be unable to enter hi-sec. Let them fight people who can fight back.


The unique mechanics of HiSec PvP offer unique challenges not found anywhere else.

I can’t believe I’ve been playing EVE for 10 years and people still whine about ganking and call gankers “toxic” and ■■■■. Get a grip on yourselves.


Trying to destroy someone elses game play, of course that is toxic game play. especially with criminals allowed to enter and dock up in Hi-sec. If they had to work into positive to get back in hi-sec or could not dock that would be fair enough but these people take little risk, they stay docked until they are bumping a target and then are dead after dealing damage to the target.

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