I must be paranoid

Pochven closes the ‘short’ route between the galaxy. TTT falls. Lances break basic game mechanics. ISPs is being block.

I think this is nearly the end of my trading days in Eve.

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What does TTT have to do with Pochven? It was right next to Jita???


Are lancers really breaking everything that badly?

Nairja(now in Pochven) was pass thru. Loss of those gates added some 40+ jumps unless you go through low-sec.

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What isp was blocked? Were you referring to evepraisal? It was their ip address

I think he meant ISD.

I don’t think he meant anything at all, that would require him to think.

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So what’s the problem?

Too lazy to take the necessary precautions to head through more dangerous waters?

Oh wait, you must be a member of the instant gratification, low risk high reward crowd.


Again that has NOTHING to do with TTT. That was the trig war AGES ago. This is nothing new??? New markets established litterally within WEEKS of that route being cut off. I would probably say days.

TTT is right next to Jita. Its death will not be missed or have a large impact because it was litterally right next to Jita lol.

Yes OP you are paranoid. As you are making up fake issues to non problems.


Just playing my game hi-sec carebear style… I don’t consider it lazy by going the long way around and that certainly isn’t instant.

Not dangerous? I go through plenty of gate camps as it is. If the crew in Sivala had already ganked someone my DST would have be toast today.

Yea IP blocks… evepraisal is officially dead… evemarketer is down completely. I used those often enough. It doesn’t feel random anymore because none of the others are being affected. Doubt that will last too.

I thought trading would be something worth doing. Not so sure about this anymore.

I think they are just finding ■■■■ to complain about and see what sticks


So, why are you whining and complaining?

Oh wait. I think Geo hit the nail right on the head.

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It’s easy to just agree with what the complaint is about as there seems to be a change that a few pilots are not happy with.

Oh, don’t worry many people trade in this game. They are trillionaires. More ISK for them and less for you.

Trillionaires want less competition as its easier to corner the market. Someone will gladly take your spot trading.


There’s lots of ways around all this. Learn how to use wormholes when they pop up. Learn how to get through lowsec gates. Take your stuff elsewhere: Hek and Rens could use some love too. Sell in different places, Amarr isn’t the end all be all (that would be Jita). Get a JF. Transport things half the way, then use hauling services to take the stuff the rest of the way. Try to get in contact with manufacturing groups based away from Jita and work out a deal with them.

For a true entrepreneur, trade rout disruptions are an opportunity. Figure out ways around the impediments and make more money from it.

Or just shift focus. Treat commodities as stocks. CCP changing build requirements and releasing new stuff mean that prices fluctuate all the time. A year or two ago, I bought a bunch of PI stuff when the market was low on them, and sat on it. Now I sold it all for about double of what I paid for them


Move along. Nothing to see here.

But that’s what you’re supposed to do,
go through Lowsec and lose ships
because that’s EVE you seeee
All the gatecampers are bored eating nachos and watching Netflix. CCP had to throw them a bone and destroy the passage between Amarr and Jita.

If you don’t want to travel for easy kills then make the easy kills come to you… CCPlease.

Someone is salty.

And uh, where were you when Niarja was under the occupation of the Trigs? Did you, you know, fight with the EDENCOM forces to help prevent liminality from occurring?

Probably not. Niarja fell because the player base wanted it to fall and fought hard for that to happen.

There was no whining to daddy CCP to make it happen. This was the natural consequence of player driven content.


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