I NEED to fly a red Tesla roadster!

How about it? Now that would be a shiny toy!

Would love a limited edition Roadster shuttle or bright red skins for each faction shuttle!

They just need to put it coming through a random system. Basically untargetable space trash, but every once in a while, you might see a tiny multi-thousand year old roadster floating by.

–Gadget would Screen-shot that (Screen shoot?)

Better yet - New mission for the pool: (Quafe Corp maybe)?
Dude, Where’s my Roadster?

The eccentric CEO of a small but influential corporation launched his expensive private ground-vehicle towards a POCO as a publicity stunt to show off their new commodity launch system.

Unfortunately the system misfired and launched the vehicle towards an asteroid belt. Also unfortunately, that area happens to have have recent sightings of pirate activity. Even more unfortunately, the CEO still owes on his vehicle.

Capsuleer, please recover the ground vehicle from these coordinates, and feel free to waste anyone holding the vehicle. The CEO has the best insurance.

That would be so cool! We could start a collection of roadster sightings
It could be a ‘Thing’!

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My first PC game (on am IBM 80/88 with Hercules monochrome graphics) was Starflight.

If you went to the correct spot on space, you could encounter a ship that looked very much like the original Enterprise. I would love to see similar Easter eggs in eve.

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While I’m sure Musk would offer his blessing (because honestly he seems like a pretty cool guy), one would be remiss for not considering trademark implications.

Roadster is a fully generic term and has been in use as such for more than 100 years, it is not possible to use a trademark to prevent other people calling 2 seat cars roadsters. All they can do is trademark protect tesla or complete model names.

Also telsa is not selling space cars, ie tesla has no trade to protect in space cars.

Would CCP want to tempt fate by selling a red spacecar called a Roadster? There’s a very clear intended relation. Perhaps it’s not a direct trademark violation (I wouldn’t even know where to look for such a thing beyond googling it so I’ll take you at your word that it’s not a trademark violation) but without some form of direct consent I could entirely see CCP steering clear of avoiding it on account of the fact that it’s a very real thing they’re emulating.

Maybe I’m wrong, no idea.

If it were a cherry red SKIN, named Space Roadster, that would be fine. If they used the Tesla name, then you might have a problem. However, if an LP NPC that sells the the SKIN were named Musky Tesla, then parody rules would apply.

–Gadget wants a SKIN for her PT Cruiser…

Make it a player ship. Takes more resources to build than usual ships and every 3 jumps you have to dock up for 20 minutes to recharge.

Every 3 gates gives you jump fatigue! :rofl:

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Elon might want to consider making cars for paying customers that have been waiting for a year for their car they ordered before he launches one into space as a PR stunt.

I know where you can get your hands on one right now, for free! It’s kind of a long way though… :wink:

I hear they don’t go as far as you think they’re going to.

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