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An old partnership between I-RED and Khanid contractors folds up amid rising tensions between Khanid and Amarr groups…

I-RED Subsidiary Closes Its Doors After Failed Renewal Of Contract With Khanid
Jelvia Taredi • YC121.04.14

Khanid Prime - The Ishukone Khanid Logistics [I-KL] corporation has closed its doors and sold off its assets over the weekend following an announcement posted by its CEO, Harin Shara Talor. Harin, a relative of I-RED capsuleer Creedance Talor, held a lead role in facilitating business relations between I-RED and the Khanid Kingdom. The corporation was in operation for roughly six years, until recent turmoil regarding the status of the Kingdom within the Empire has opted I-RED to not renew the contract for the continued existence of I-KL.

I-KL functioned as a multi-role company and included such services as: courier transportation, warehouse storage rentals, retail sales, and personnel distributions. While the company did not maintain a large presence among the capsuleer market, it operated in many systems and their respective local markets. Employees were notified over two weeks ago of the impending shutdown, and were offered a myriad of options following the closure of the corporation. Some employees opted to remain living in the Kingdom while others chose a relocation package which was subsidized by I-KL to move back to the Caldari State.

Non-personnel assets were either auctioned off in local markets or relocated under the umbrella of I-RED. A majority of assets, most notably transport ships and storage infrastructure, were redistributed to the command of I-RED.

When pressed for comment by local news agencies, Harin Talor did not provide anything other than a mention of the announcement posted on the Intergalactic Summit. Many economic analysts suspect that the recent rise in tensions between Khanid and Amarr groups are the reason to blame for the failure to renew the operational contract of I-KL. I-RED has shown a strong interest in providing public support to the Empire and its most notable capsuleer loyalists - groups such as PIE, LUMEN, and CVA. Analysts hypothesize that I-RED opted not to renew the contract in order to preserve relations with these groups. I-RED officials have yet to comment on the suspicions, and likely won’t.

In the meantime, Harin Talor has joined I-RED proper as a member, bringing with her a sizable portion of I-KL noncapsuleer employees.