[I-RED] Public Release: Atlas and Cloudfront Tour Event

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Greetings esteemed frequenters of the Intergalactic Summit. It is my pleasure to announce the hosting of a special tour event for Atlas and Cloudfront in the system of A-3ES3 in Syndicate. For those who may be unaware, Atlas will be the first public colony on a terrestrial world in the region of Syndicate. Cloudfront is a low-orbit platform over Atlas which will function as a separate city of its own. This project has been well underway for over a year now, and I-RED stands ready to unveil our progress to the greater cluster. Please join us in celebrating the achievements thus far.

This tour event will take place the day following our upcoming SynCon Summit. The event details are as follows:

  • When: January 8th NEST, 22:00 hours
  • Where: A-3ES3, Syndicate
  • What: A public celebration and formal unveiling of Atlas and Cloudfront
  • Who: Invitations will be sent to individuals by the end of the day; please refer to the list below for welcomed capsuleer groups; if you do not receive an invitation by the end of today and are not part of a group included in the list, you may mail Roirdan Bouchate to request a reservation
  • Dresscode: Formal attire preferred but not required; the tour of Cloudfront will be done on foot while the tour of Atlas will be done in a starship cruising over the city

The event will conclude with the formal unveiling of a monument in Atlas’ Marpiko Grand Park. Local time, the event will take place around the late afternoon and go into the evening. Weather is expected to be fairly warm at 18 C. Feel free to dress accordingly.

Attendees are free to leave after the monument unveiling via the Atlas Space Transit System at no cost to them. Alternatively, if they would like to stay in Atlas longer, the local Arboyousha Hotel is offering up to two nights of accommodation for free for event guests.

Any further inquiries regarding the event may be directed here in this thread or sent to Director Bouchate via GalNet mail.

Invitee Group List:

  • Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris [PIE]
  • Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque [SFRIM]
  • Intaki Prosperity Initiative [IPI]
  • Heiian Conglomerate [HECON]
  • Sapphire Interstellar Banking Solutions [S-IBS]
  • Sanxing Yi [SANYI]
  • Intaki Resilience Advancers [IRESA]
  • United Neopian Federation [UNF-A]
  • Lai Dai Infinity Systems [LDIS]

The original capsuleer group invitee list has been updated to reflect some additions.


A brief update: The doors to Cloudfront’s Gamma Port Conference Hall are open and now accepting guests. We look forward to welcoming guests to Syndicate.

((channel name: Cloudfront))


Thank you to those of you that attended. It was an absolute honor to be able to reveal all the hard work that has been put into this project. We look forward to future progress and success, and thank everyone that has taken part, allowing us the strength to help the Intaki people have ground to call home.


I am glad that things went well. I had plans to attend the event, but other matters unfortunately took precedent at the time.


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