[I-RED] Public Release: Thebeka Affair

(Jev North) #41

Easy, boss.

If I had to speculate, they know it’s inevitable, so they might as well let us pick up the tab.

(Kyle Saltz) #42

To the Paladins of I-RED.

Today CVA was honored to fight beside you all on the grid of battle. I have been going over your reports and you all have done so much in such little time. Nobody can take away your honor and dedication that is so apparent.
From this moment on I Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz will advocate positive relations between Provi-Bloc and I-Red. Moving forward I hope we can build a long standing relationship of trust and friendship. Any pilot that stands beside us in battle is worthy of the title brother/sister Paladin.

Amarr Victor! We do the Empress’ work!

(Julianni Avala) #43

Paladin Warden Saltz,

As Head Diplomat, I will keep my eyes and ears open for messages from Provi-Bloc regarding positive relations. However, I would like to warn you that we do have a history with CVA that goes back many years.

Our doors have always remained open to negotiations, though from what I have been told, our own attempts to reach out in the past have been ignored.

Perhaps this will be a chance for the relations and business opportunities between us to normalized.

(Arrendis) #44

I’m afraid ProviBloc policies will stymie your efforts. After all, ProviBloc adhere’s to a strict ‘Not Red, Don’t Shoot’, and well, I-RED is, after all, I-RED.

You’ll just have to shoot! Can’t be helped, it seems. Terribly tragic result of bureaucracy, and all that. Take it up in committee, perhaps.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #45

Please sell tickets to the show where I-RED and CVA try to agree on blue. 5/5, would watch.

(Kithrus) #46

Believe it or not that its the entire biases if Lord Vaari’s spat with CVA and by extension my own annoyance.

The fact its also common knowledge that CVA can’t decide who is friendly is very telling.