I think I was EW'd?

The other day, while traveling to Jita…I lost all on screen visuals. Meaning, no icons for ships, structures, celestial, etc. if I recall, my overview was okay. I thought I saw a small on screen txt saying xyz had done abc to me, but the note went away too quick ( is there a way to adjust the delay, in settings?)

Anyway, I was able to Warp Out. My question: what the heck happened? And is there ways to mitigate from happening again? For clarification < 50k away were a small amounts of orange flashing pilots, along with a BS or BC.

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Sounds more like a visual glitch. No modules will ever cause your screen to go blank. You will always be able to see around you.


In Esc menu - ‘Reset Settings’ tab - ‘Clear all cache files’ - Doing that will prompt a restart which helps remove little annoying bugs from the client.

Also in the Launcher is an option to verify and purge all excess files. Select the ‘E’ icon in the top right corner of the Launcher, select ‘Shared Cache’, then select ‘Verify integrity of downloaded files and purge extra files’. That will take a little bit of time to run.

It’s usually a good idea to do those after game patch downloads.

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Yeah 2 things happened. First, as stated, it was a graphics glitch. Second, the message you saw didn’t have your name on it, it wasn’t talking to you, but it let you know about it as a heads up that someone potentially dangerous was hanging around.


Thanks for the heads up. The potentially dangerous ones I could only see in local chat, but not in the tabs of my Overview - Still learning OV settings.

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Honestly, by “potentially dangerous”, that means “potentially dangerous by the standards CCP set 15 years ago.” It doesn’t really reflect the game as it exists. If something dangerous is happening, the game won’t pop up a convenient message, you’ll have to pay attention to what’s actually around you. The messages themselves actually aren’t useful, and I just completely ignore them.

Happened to me after january patch as well… opening map (F10) and closing it solved the issue.

Clearing cache wouldnt hurt.

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