Thank you ccp

Thank you ccp

So when do you think you’ll be able to escape the black hole you fell into?

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Activate your windows install.



Many people know that you can disable ship exterior view by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F9, but you can also go into minimal graphics mode by pressing Alt+F4. It’s great for fleet fights when you’re trying to reduce lag to a bare minimum. So, that’s probably what happened to you.

Also, a CTD doesn’t necessarily mean that the problem is on CCP’s end. If it keeps happening, however, try some generic troubleshooting steps and/or file a support ticket.


Escaped the black hole, only took 30 minutes of my marauder sitting in space

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I thought it was a DOSbox Windows setup.


So you have a shitty, unpatched version of windows and you’re wondering why your software isn’t working properly. But instead of checking your video drivers or —gasp - updating your OS - you come here to complain.

Why am I annoyed? lol

Make it illegal. A lot of nerve to post the proof of your crime against poor Microsoft.

CCP did well not letting you play.

This should be closed by ISD.

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