I thought the EVE YouTube ad was a new Captain Harlock live action movie lol

YouTube decided to play me the EVE spot narrated in Japanese. Probably because I binge watch stuff I don’t understand. True to form, I didn’t know what I was looking at right away. Future space ship dystopia sounds frickin amazing in Japanese. Go figure.

Now, Amarr’s giant space horse #$@# is cute, but it ain’t the wave motion gun. Doctor Who is also cute. Triglavians, Jovians, Talocan, blah blah blah. Forget all that. Give us an Evil Comet Empire, space submarines, and a WWII battleship with a frickin wave motion gun.


Is there a ship in EVE Online that can do what Space Cruiser Yamato can pull off?


That would be completely another class of ships. Battleship sized I think.

Who’s Captain Harlock?
What’s a “wave motion gun”?
What’s a Talocan?
What’s the Comet Empire?
Without the answers I can’t understand your post but it’s no big deal, won’t keep me up at night.

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