I want a Bi-Pedal Robot Ship

A Mecha Ship flying in the deep space holding a Cannon or Rifle with Missile Pods on it’s shoulder. There are soo many different configurations someone can go with this!

Look closely at the Probe Minmatar ship. It is a wide chested, stumpy legged, rusty iron giant flying around with it’s arms like when Superman flies.

so instead of walking IN stations you want walking ON stations



…Have you not looked at the Tristan?

OH YES YES YES I would pay $100 to get a Robotech looking frigate (VF-1 Valkrie) that can transform into it’s 3 different phases (fighter, guardian, battledroid). TAKE MY CASH NOW lol


I’ll take a Zaku 2, or a Full Armor Gundam pls

Who do we have to talk to in order to get this next fleet of ships into the game ;^;

I want Space Balls One, Mega Maid.

Makes me think of the power rangers whose ship turned into a megazord

Fleet ships that can fuse into a bigger ship. Now We going down the Super Robot Alpha Meta.

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