I want to buy and invest in an Eve character, but I am scared Pearl Abyss will pull a SWG on veteran players

I would like to spend to get a 350m sp character. The problem is I don’t know if Pearl Abyss is committed to the game and also, whether they will make changes within a short time frame to render my investment a mistake.

Just as in SWG, people worked for years to become a Jedi, then over night, every one could start as a Jedi and veteran players were burned. And because of the ULA, they could do nothing about it.

Lets say I purchase a high skill point character, what is to stop Pearl Abyss from taking my money, and rendering my character worth a lot less for the sake of new starting people.

And the ULA would allow them to do this without giving any money back? What are your thoughts.

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What you’re doing right here is called gatekeeping.

Why are you so concerned with what other players have? If you decide to invest money in a character, you’re paying for your own progress, as opposed to paying for other players to have comparatively less than you.

As someone who owns multiple characters in the 200-300 million SP range, I’d absolutely love it if CCP started new players with a few tens of millions of SP. I’d rather kill someone piloting an Ishtar than an Atron. People who try to gatekeep SP values are doing so because they’re weak, and need to use a higher SP value as a crutch just to be able to compete.


It is not impressive to a player to have a high sp toon. All they do is play over time. Where is the effort. Maybe killing monsters and solving quests reflect on character effort, but playing and waiting for the slow tick of skill points to accumulate is different. It happens passively so in what way does it reflect on you? It is just being alive which gets you these skills and some perseverence.

I want to be able to take full advantage of what Eve has to offer. I need to be as if I’ve payed 20 years to do so. Is that wrong?

Also, this is the way the game works. Elitism is being overly righteous. But being a whale is acceptable according to CCP.


Other players having more SP doesn’t impede your ability to take advantage of anything EVE has to offer.


Not true. There is a lot of different content in Eve that requires different types of ships. If I want to take advantage of everything Eve has to offer a high sp characters is necessary.


I hope someday I can be a good player like you.


I recently decided to run the Boston marathon, but I want to take advantage of everything being a winner has to offer, so I paid extra so I could start the race at the end. If I started at the beginning, I would probably never even reach the finish line, but this way I can just enjoy the best part without any delays.

:medal_sports::running_woman: :dash:

My only concern is that people will try to minimize my accomplishment, and reduce me back to beginner status, as I only want to be a champion. I paid to be first in line, and it would suck if then everyone could do that, cuz that would put me back in last place. :frowning:


Ok. I see where this is going. You are on. I am calling up Jerry Springer and scheduling a show between you scoffers, and me whale child. It is on,

Don’t be a hater. I am allowed to play as if, and I will probably never be a good player. I don’t have the talent.

I wan to fly a tengu, nyx, carrier, cruiser, tech 2 ships, and tech 3 ships, logistics, hacking, and tons and tons of farming. I also prefer pve content. It looks like i need a better character.


Why you need to ask, just do it, or don’t… Just be warned that you can’t buy into success and fun with money. SP and ships mean less in EvE than you might think.

But whales are welcome in EvE, more targets to shoot. :slight_smile: There are whole groups dedicated to hunting clueless credit card warriors.


I believe you!

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What does Pearl Abyss have to do with you injecting to a 350 mil SP player?

You inject, you then use isk to buy and fly ships and loose them hilariously. Since you decided to rush instead of learning along the way. Then come to the forums like so many before screaming that a frigate should not be able to kill a Battleship size ship.


When I do decide to pvp i know to only use throwaway ships. The PvE content uses mauraders, battleships, and the good stuff, Have you ever seen someone pvp in a Gila? So feel free to get me. Your killboard will fllow red with cruisers and below.


PvP in EvE may not be your decision. :wink: Also yeah, Gila is potent PvP ship, you shouldn’t underestimate.


There is no law that you have to have all skills at level 5. Most of them are just fine at level 4. Your EVE experience will not be impacted much if you leave some skills at level 4.

I would rather take the time it takes you really get to know the ships and modules and use them wisely.

Next thing you know, you will be asking for a “good xyz-ship fit”, so you can fly “good”.

Injecting cheat-stix doesn’t make you “good”. You will still explode very quickly with your cheat-stix character.


I played Eve in 2012, and did the same thing. I bought a character named Jessica Seratto i think it is, and went on PvP groups. I noticed I immediately had 2 problems. My hearing skills are so flimsy (I can hear songs and remember the beat, but I for the life of me, cannot figure out the lyrics) I couldn’t follow the FC, and I have bad hand eye coordination under pressure. I have to click like 3 things when engaging and it takes me longer than other people. So I mined. And I enjoyed it.

I don’t believe I have the mental skill to ever learn to play this game as well as other people, and so I stick to what is fun because I don’t understand the PvP mechanics and even with google I am dense. There, I bared my Eve heart and soul.

Now here is what I like about Eve; always challenging, tons of fun content, and I want a good character knowing I will always be the prey. Good idea saying all the skills can only be 4 each. I def want a top character but I don’t know why I play that way. So I will have to think it over.

Anyways my other favorite game is Anarchy Online, and I also need help playing that. Maybe I need hot irons to my brain to enjoy a game, because games that I don’t understand how to play, keep me entertained.


Some ships, such as heavy assault cruisers, cannot be flown at all without certain level V skills.

Well, you’ve already seen the attitude of a minority of EVE players - the ones who desperately need to mock someone else to feel better about themselves. Fortunately they don’t make up a large portion of the EVE player-base.

If you’re willing to play past negative assumptions, and assuming you know enough about EVE (since you’ve played previously) to put the SP to good use, I’d estimate you’re fine to purchase a character and use that. Pearl Abyss is basically hands-off on EVE, and CCP is handling the game the way they have for almost 15 years now - little change, punctuated by the occasional brief spasm of an update when they notice how many players they’ve lost in the past year or two.

CCP really isn’t even capable of a big sweeping re-write so you can expect small changes in various aspects of the game over time. However you are correct - if they did completely change the game, you’d have no recourse because the ToS and EULA say they can do whatever they want.

There would also be no ‘refund’ because you’re actually paying another player for the account, not CCP. CCP only charges a set transfer fee.

Something to consider is that CCP is looking at a re-write of the “character attributes” system and implants (Intelligence, Memory, Perception etc.) which affect your SP training rate. It shouldn’t have any major effect on a high-SP character but it’s hard to predict because we haven’t seen any details yet.


Consider any money you gamble (it’s gambling, not “investing”…you know…like the stock market…) to already be lost and you won’t worry about it. Don’t spend what you can’t afford to lose and you’ll be fine.

Yes…and mauraders, battleships, and the “good stuff”. Quite routine.
Do what’s fun for you.

I seriously doubt that.

I don’t see that as being the main problem with SWG’s NGE (well, maybe the Ebay Jedi would disagree.) The main problem was taking an open world MMO, gutting the profession system, and trying to turn it into a McThemepark.

Funny thing is you could always tell who the Ebay Jedi were - I’m talking about the Dark Jedi Templar getting rolled by a TKM/Master Doc.