I want to buy and invest in an Eve character, but I am scared Pearl Abyss will pull a SWG on veteran players

Personally I would be more worried that I buy a high skill point character and then PA pull the plug on EVE completely.

If it stops making a profit, do you think that PA will show loyalty to EVE ?
I think they are more interested in the technology than the game itself.


The technology is worthless outside EvE. I think EvE is the only money maker they have, with China cracking down on South Korean gaming companies.

Thanks for the information at the bottom of your post. I needed to know and now I believe it isn’t a safe gamble,

Something to consider is that CCP is looking at a re-write of the “character attributes” system and implants (Intelligence, Memory, Perception etc.) which affect your SP training rate. It shouldn’t have any major effect on a high-SP character but it’s hard to predict because we haven’t seen any details yet.

Thanks for the info Kezrai Charzai

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In my book, Eve characters aren’t worth their SP, or ISK, or assets. You can get all that by throwing money at someone.

Characters are worth their reputation among capsuleers and the community. They are worth their achievements and exploits. The stories you can tell because you were the one controlling them. Literally the “I have been there” in an unironic way.
To me, Eve is about the story you write for yourself. If you buy a character from the bazaar, what story does that tell others about you?


Bull’s eye.


This topic alone tells a story. A sad story.

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Nothing, probably best to just quit the game now while you are ahead. There are pay to win games that can put you on top of everyone so that the peasants can all look up at you.

Indeed. I’m as well rather disappointed that I was born too early to become an immortal space pirate IRL.

14 years playing Eve, 3 chars with over 300m SP, I havent logged them on, other than the suitcases they are flying, for 18 months. I’m based out of a c-4 WH and have much more fun and profit derping around in frigs, dessys, and small hauling ships with chars that are about 10m SP. SP is not a fun button, quite the opposite in my and my associate’s experiences.

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Ok. You are all lying. This stuff about “Writing your own story” is just to cover for the fact that buying a character is something everyone wants to have for themselves, and I will prove it.

Analyze all the people in the US and see how much people sacrifice to get ahead. Madonna has people who write her songs and all she has to do is sing it. Did she earn this or did the song writers? Like me, I want to get ahead so I want to buy a high skill point character.
Lady Gaga was obsessed with fame even at the expense of being made fun of and she got rich with money fame and happiness. Read her bio on wiki if you don’t believe me.

Go to a techno club in California. There are good looking people there, and all they want is to be judged and loved based on their beauty. You will see some beautiful women pole dancing in the middle of the club. That is all she wanted and now she want’s a beautiful husband and a care free life. What about the people who take what they can get under being fair and work for their own life, they get a more stable marriage, better behaved kids, and a stable job. Which is funner? It is God to sort it out, but he does. So all of you this is nothing new. People will always try to get the biggest cookie in the cookie jar, and I am trying to do that in Eve Online, and you hide your honesty behind colorful expressions about how it is sad to do this. And it is funner for me to do this in Eve Online. So am I wrong to do this?

My only issue I will concede to is it is unfair to spend only 3 thousand dollars to get a top character at the expense of hard working Eve Players.

So basically, it is unfair (which is why you are all so salty) but the rules allow it.

Then end

Okay, so your point is that you basically resent that you aren’t Madonna?

We can call you that if you want.



:joy: I guess hard work isn’t what it used be.
If someone “works” in a game they’re playing it wrong.

Read this and tell me it’s just me: Hard Working Players

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Only one [person is salty in this and it is purely about envy. you have been given your answer. There is nothing to guarantee the game won’t make your shallow perception of superiority obsolete at some point.

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If we are twins, and you choose one thing, worker harder, and get less, and Me the other twin works lightly and gets extra, that isn’t fair. But it is evident everywhere in the world that this DOES occur.
Well, my explanation on how to fix this is… As Duke Nukem says,

“Let God sort’em out”.


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Of course it does. There will always be slapheads who try to sneak away from work, try to profit from his brother’s burden and works somewhere he has no clue what it all involves but is very thankful to his cousin for the position. Cronyism is ugly and everywhere.
What I pointed out is: there should be no work in a game and if it feels like work it’s time to play another game.



Boring …

I think I’m speaking for many here, stop arguing, do it already, buy your way to the top in EvE, and tell us how it works out. This story we want to read about.

EDIT: One thing, anybody remembers Milli Vanilli?

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Girl you know it’s true - hoo hoo hoo - I love you :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl:

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I am still debating. You see, if CCP makes a massive rule change it could render my being a royal sp king a unworthy investment. Hahahahaha.

Join Faction Warfare, you’ll get your pvp wings in the best, most newbro friendly way.