I want to try gate ganking


A few months ago I tried my hand at some high-sec war decs with an alt character, but I got a bit bored of that and want to try something else.

I found a route that has quite a few T1 industrial ships flying through and wanted to shoot a few of them down, but I am new to the criminal mechanics. I was thinking of trying a Tornado to sit on the gate and wait for them to decloak/align, having scanned them in the system beforehand with my scanner alt.

My main questions are…

1: Should I be sitting on the gate itself, or is there a range I need to sit at to avoid being blapped by the gate guns?

2: My current Tornado fit has me sitting at the gate and needing to be within 27KM of target to hit it in optimal range. Would 9.3k Alpha be enough to 1 shot an indy?

3: My scanner alt has a hard time locking/scanning small ships before they warp off, are there any recommended fits/ships to aid with this? Currently in an Imicus.

4: Is there any other info I should generally know, or things I should be doing?

I appreciate any advice you can give me on this.

Well I gave it a go. Probably a bit overkill now that I look back on it, but already ISK positive so it was worth it. I’ll refine the fit and keep at it.


Hey, nice gank! Keep it up!

The Imicus has a really bad native scan reslution. What you want is either one of the attack frigates (Atron, Condor, Slasher, Executioner) or a logistic frigate (Navitas, Bantam, Burst, Inquisitor) further pumped up with Small Targeting System Subcontroller rigs.

Alternatively, you can swap the Imicus with a Heron. It sports 5 medium slots, so you can fit an additional sensor booster with a scan resolution script together with the standard scanning equipment: a passive targeter, a ship scanner, and a cargo scanner - and you’ll still have additional room for a prop mod.

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I can’t see any losses on your kb. Did the posted gank also had to do with war?

If the character isn’t API-verified on zkillboard, only the kills and losses that have been manually posted are displayed.

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