I want to vote for no CSM

Issue with https://community.eveonline.com/community/csm/vote/#

There is no option to vote for NO CSM.
I am against CMS’s existence.

Why spend money on halling those “players” ?
The way they influenced the game development is clear:
People protested no micro transactions, today we all base our play around micro transactions
We wanted dynamic null sec sov, dynamic low sec. We wanted more conflicts!
CCP added some realy nice suff over the years, but all went stale and boring very fast! Why?

Because the big blocks got there:
Citadels … With Guns! … With invulnerability!! … With 3 reinforce timers!
Capital Mining ships… With OP mining drones… With Invulnerability!!!
Docking for supers and Titans, so no need to keep alt sit in it (some missed oportunity here ccp for selling more skill points), no need to fuel POSes to keep them in.
Capital sub guns …
New Jump bridges! … Jump fatigue?!? … Reinforce timers! … Limited dmg you can apply, so they can form up their lazy 20k+ alliances to fleets…
Reinforce timers not based on fuel but on one setting from one UI, controlled by one dude!
Shared infrastructure and access … who needs to own / defend space assets when you can share right!

Thank you CSM. You have done a great job for making this game more interesting…
Sadly even if the there is no CSM tommorow, and we see drastic changes from CCP like the blackout…
The big boys have so many assets, that wars will have no meaning no challenge for years to come.

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Then don’t vote…

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I may have not followed the CSM for long but I do know that the big blocs are fighting against some of the things you have mentioned in the list of mechanics that suck

They only have limited resources to make changes to any of these things. I understand your frustration it is mirrored across a large player base. THE CSM is not at fault here for this though, it allows for a player perspective to be considered and who knows what the changes would have looked like without them? They are not perfect mechanics and we are also unsure on what input if any the CSM had on some of those large mechanics.

All I know is that having a player base that the devs can consult is not a negative by any means.


This is actually because EVE Online is a 16+ year old game where the players are VERY good at learning how to be efficient and optimize their gameplay.

It has nothing to do with CSM.
But judging by your post, I don’t believe you’re capable of understanding that.

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I wouldn’t worry about the CSM, the current dev team is so perfect they don’t need listen to anyone anyway.

It’s a sham.

Just vote for Komi Valentine. That is the closest thing to voting against the CSM on the current ballot.


You think the CSM wants micro transactions? I don’t feel bad speaking for everyone I’m been on the CSM with: We’d all like no microtransactions at all. We didn’t ask for any. (many of us, however, also recognise that CCP is a company and needs to make money. so for cosmetic stuff, there’s not a lot of yelling)

You realise the primary effect here is to stop people just jumping in, alphaing structures off the field, and leaving? Which was the whole point? And the large alliances are the ones most capable of fielding that kind of damage?

I see a bunch of whining here, which seems to stem from a bunch of fundamental misunderstandings.

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Shots fired

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You know, I’m kind of surprised by how little anti-csm sentiment we’ve seen this year. Was it because the Briscident had them all riled up last year, or is faith in the institution on the rise?

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Oh, and by the way, if you hate the influence of the big blocs, your best option is to vote for non-bloc candidates that have an actual chance of winning. Let’s be real, the CSM isn’t going to go anywhere any time soon. So, you can keep on making unrealistic demands, or you can try to shape it into something better.


Perhaps the lack of rage against the CSM is balanced by an equal measure of apathy.


You do not realize that limited dmg and the stupid amount of reinforce timers and easy reinforce timer setup… that is what protects assets of the big blocks. Shared access to assets it what makes the blocks, there is no need of competion, just hold hands and sing along …
You clearly never even tried to play that way did you?
What is the point of you in CSM ! Agree with it all… plan for the next meta war???

Micro transactions are what they are. They were also the reason people trusted, that fake organisation CSM!
I am all about CCP making more money. Hey CCP Keepstars was a stupid move, you will make more money if players are keeping titants and supers to a high skill pilots in space…

The only way CMS made money or something good for the game was the last “big scandal” that hit the news! People losing thousands of $, betrayed by … you all know the story

CCP is wasting money on those in CSM. IF CCP needs to know how players feel about there game, they can read the forum.
What does CMS do? They represent the players and tell CCP how players want to play this game… Do they? We all see the results!

And smaller groups. By making it a pain in the ass for the larger groups to just scorched earth them. It’s pretty obvious if you just stop and think.

Nice statement. Sounds meaningful. Isn’t.

You’ve not been paying attention. And there’s stuff you haven’t heard about, because the NDA means we can’t talk about it.

Doesn’t work so well when CCP want to get an opinion about something which may not happen. Because players are well known for taking a maybe as a cast iron promis.


Your NDA is pretty much what makes the CSM useless to the players. If CCP likes the institution so much, then they should pick whoever they want. The pretext of an election is absurd.

Can you justify this statement? It means we can’t share everything we talked about with the player base. That’s it.

And I do not want to see the screams of outrage if CCP just picked. You appear to have a problem with voting. Probably because, to your mind, the wrong people get elected.

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Nice try of shifting the focus of the problem!
There are players that do not wish for, or do not find any benefit of, having the CSM at all. There votes are suppressed and ignored.

I am sure you can give many examples on how that works?
What is better?
— Smaller group of 20-30 dudes sitting docked wile their asset is shot by 200-300 dudes. Larger group sitting in dock wile small group tries to engage asset, knowing they will just need to show once for 15 minutes and all is gone.
— Smaller groups attacking multiple assets of a larger groups forcing them to show up and defend it, or abandon the space, if it is not profitable.

This game used to be a sandbox, where every action matters. Players will always chose the safety of numbers, but actively advocating for game play, that suppress activity, makes it boring for everyone.

NDA right! If you want to be honest and fair, you can only list the multiple examples of how having CSM ended up with CCP miss out on profits, because of that NDA did not stop them from advising their players on what to train and what not to. Some even more drastic examples resulted in members of CSM kicked out, a fate that you all should share.

It will never happen.

It would give an option for those who don’t want to vote for any of the usual scumbags who always hold a grip on the candidacies for CSM and expose that excluding their concentrated supporters from the same larger groups there may potentially be shown that the majority of players divided among the smaller separate groups would prefer not to support them.

It isn’t about consensus, it is about who has more influence in their own pockets to vote with against the rest of the divided player-base.

People argue that not voting counts for nothing, but there are still many who do vote and would prefer not to vote for anyone but only reluctantly do so because there is no alternative candidates for their own preferences.

Those who don’t vote still shows how many players would prefer not to support any of them.

However, I am still going to vote because @Mike_Azariah has shown himself to be a non-scumbag candidate who truly appreciates this game and it’s players. He wants to help improve it for anyone without possibly supporting any kind of otherwise personal or corroborating agenda that only tilts influence in favor of a specific group of players in this game.

He wants to help new players, players not yet rooted in any faction of players but simply looking for a way to start exploring their stay with this game.

So if you find yourself not leaning towards your own group of candidates and supporters who you feel don’t represent players who don’t simply represent themselves this is a guy who might actually hold a voice for those without one.

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