IC24 Operation Pool Party: Levi Jameson


(m1thr0s) #1

Just had my studio finish this tonight for the official release, hope you enjoy some levity in the middle of this civil war that’s been going down in the warzone. We truly appreciate all of the brave Caldari pilots who fight for our little Empire and all of the liberties we enjoy here. I know I wouldn’t be able to get by without my slaves! Good help is so hard to find.

(Arrendis) #2

I just wonder why nobody else is ever invited to these pool parties.

(Ravana 729) #3

Cuz what they don’t tell you is the part about “nyan”

The Case for Catizstag - irrelevant Amarr Militia drama
(Arrendis) #4

What part’s that?

(Ravana 729) #5


(Arrendis) #6

Eh? And what the heck is ‘nyan’?

(Ravana 729) #7

Cannibalism and sometimes, lasers

(system) #8

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